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Agility is a fun sport for both the dogs and their handlers. It is the training of dogs to navigate an obstacle course consisting of some or all of hurdles, weave poles, A-frame, tunnels (open or collapsed), dog walk, teeter-totter, cross-over, pause table and sometimes more!

Dogs of any shape, size or breed can participate since many obstacle heights are adjusted to the size of the dog.

In competitions, the dogs and handlers must complete a set course and the dog with the fastest time wins. Dogs that complete the course within a set time are considered to have earned a “leg”. Three “legs” entitles the dogs to have the various agility titles added to their names.

In addition to the Starters, Advanced and Master level agility courses, there are alternate courses as well: Jumpers, Gamblers, Snooker and Team Relay.

Even if you don’t want to compete, Agility is a great way to have some fun with your dog, get some exercise and meet some other dog-loving people! Various obedience clubs are starting to offer agility classes or someone from your local Golden Retriever or Kennel Club may be able to help you get started.


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