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Field Work

Retrievers are a sporting breed, and became increasingly popular in the 1800’s with the increase in the sport of bird hunting. British nobility desired a dog with a tender mouth, biddability, nose and stamina which could find and bring back wounded and dead game, and the retriever met everyone of these desires. Today, Field and Hunting trials are a way for a golden owner to develop and demonstrate their Golden’s retrieving instincts.

The Canadian Kennel Club recognizes three different field competitions in Canada. They are the Working Certificate Tests, Hunt Tests, and Field Trials. Official titles can be earned in all of these competitions.


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Retrievers of the Past – Biographies and photos of some of the outstanding field trial retrievers in the history of the sport.

* A special thanks to Val Ducross of Ambertrail Reg’d Golden Retrievers and Lianne Daradics of Charmlee Goldens for allowing me the use of their fantastic field photos, as well as their very much appreciated help with the information found on these field work pages. 


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