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On these pages, we wanted to share the photos of some of the puppies that have been born here at the Fort Knox Kennel.
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Connor and Tyco Tyco and Connor

Scout "It's for you Mom"

-- Scout



Presley "I ain't nothing but a hound-dog!"

-- Presley

Presley Presley
This is Presley - a Connor X Jade puppy

Kona This is Kona… owned and loved by Sue and Steve

Stryker Stryker
Here is Stryker (owned by Sherry Vervaecke - Shaylee Goldens) hoarding all the toys....
Stryker is from the Jade X Austin litter

Scout This is Scout - enjoying his home in Nfld, with loving owners Ginger and Colin.

A "true" hunting retriever :)))

Scout is from the from the Jade X Austin litter

This is Lear (Chase X Connor) and best friend Kiara (Jade X Austin) Liar and Kiara

Rankin Fortknox's Royal Ranger ("Ranger") owned and loved by the Rankin Family

Chase - enoying her retirement with her best buddy Dennis and family Chase

Lynn and Peter's "Dudley"
Dudley Dudley

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