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3 out of 4 -can not ask for more!!!!

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    I was waiting for the video but I can not wait anymore – just have to share!

    Maci finally got her 1st (out of 3) legs in Prenovice!!! It just felt so beautiful, some sniffing at the human post feet in the figure eight but we will take it.

    Her second time in the ring was in the afternoon -too warm (yes Lethbridge was 10 degrees with no wind in November, that would be a first!) and too noisy and crowded. It was the clubs 60 anniversary so the entries were double, the dogs were double and the crowds were double. So I lost Maci in the heeling again. But that is easily forgotten because of her wonderful sit stay!! The dog beside her basically did a lovely fast recall instead of its stay. Maci loves running so I was beyond excited when she stayed!!!

    Harley, Harley, Harley…did get 2 legs of rally advanced but the scores were not exciting. Expected yes, because he is too slow. He was a typical unneutered boy and was more interesting in sniffing. The second time was a bit better and he did show me some excitment. Some of this is ring stress so we will be working over the next 2 weeks in different locations to help him learn he can work through it. After Calgary show in 2 weeks, he will be retired from obedience until I remove those darn boy parts ๐Ÿ™‚ Leaning towards therapy work for this cuddle butt.

    Oh and Maci is offleash for rally advance in Calgary too. Fingers crossed all the work to get her to work versus run around when off leash has sunk in.

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    Way to go Maci and HarleyWOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! and of course you too Tammy as none of this could happen without your determination and dedication. Beautiful pictures. I just love those jowels.

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    Cathy DW

    Well done Maci and Harley. Bravo!!

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    Great job Maci and Harley. What beautiful pictures of the. Love them all.

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    Good Job Maci, Harley and Tammy! Maci and Harley are beautiful dogs and you are to be commended for all the work you do with them!!!

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    scot girl

    Congrats and very well done

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    Woohoo for Maci & Harley!!!! And good job Tammy!!!! What an accomplishment. Those dogs are gorgeous and Harley is just the type to take things slow and stop and smell the roses – we should all do that more often!! :friendly_wink:

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    Good for you!!!!!! Trialing two dogs……now that’s patience and determination

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    LOL – nope it is insanity! Actually I do not mind, got used to it with Harley in conformation and Maci in rally. At least now I get to stay in jeans all day ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am not the only one but I am the only one with 2 completely different dogs in how they work. In Calgary for rally they have them scheduled right after each other…yeah I will ask for that to be changed!

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    FYI – I have Michel Calhoun for rally next. There is no way he will not have some fun over my 2 different dogs. Maci the spacey speedster and Harley “smelling the roses” (thanks for that one Lynne)

    For people that do not know…I think Michel is the most fun, good natured obedience judge out there. It just makes it more relaxing especially since I am testing Maci offleash again :suspicion:

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    I’ve shown under Mike and in fact I think my first obedience dog, Molly, and I got our CD under Mike. He is indeed a riot and I have had the pleasure on a few occasions to be at the same dog events where he has entertained us all. He is such a patient man.

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    Great job, Tammy, Maci & Harley. Good luck in your up coming shows.

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