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Advice for 6 yr old golden whose become a "selective" listener

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    Im new here, my golden Molly is 6, very easy going. Weve never done a lot with her training aside from the basics and in the past yr I do believe we got more lax. I work at home with a dayhome and this past year I’ve been doing night classes.
    Because of the dayhome, in the mornings and afternoon (after a 3 hour nap/quiet time Molly is gated at the back entry way. (it’s a 3×3 ish space with her favorite mat and we always put a bone there. She goes in in the am with a kong and goes happily. She used to go in the afternoons with just a treat. But these last 2 weeks she’s refusing. She will come off the couch and when she sees that it’s “that” time she turns around and goes on the couch. Or refuses to come.
    Dh takes her outside for the bathroom between our house and the neighbour. He always takes her off leash and never had any issues but he’s found in the last 2 weeks or so she’s not listening well to him either.

    So, clearly we need to reset some ground rules and such with her. I would love some tips or advice on how to go about getting her to follow command and listen?

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    First of all, welcome to the site!

    Hmmm, when you lock her up in this area – is that when you leave the house or, are you still home? I don’t know what could cause her to suddenly become a selective listener like that.

    I do know that when Rylee was getting a little older (closer to 1) she would start acting differently in the mornings as I went through my routine. She just wasn’t doing the same things and then she started to make herself throw up when I put her in the kennel before leaving for work. That’s when we started leaving her loose in the house and she’d be fine.

    that’s the only experience I have with a golden that changes it’s listening skills or patterns. Hopefully someone else on the forum will have more experience and can help you out more!

    Would love to see pics of your girl!!!

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    It’s only during the week when I’m working, I am home (I run a dayhome) and I’ve had the dayhome and this routine for 5+ years.

    The only thing that changed was my taking night classes this year and not being around as much (she’s very much my dog, my shadow). And dh has travelled a lot and even my kids have been busier so she hasn’t had a lot of attention. But the outright not listening just seemed to start within the last few weeks.

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    I would increase her exercise, play time, spend time with someone time. My 6 year old has no problems being pig-headed about leaving the park if we have not been there long enough. She does not respond to my commands (I know she hears me…she responsed to some words šŸ™‚ ) but she will be very very slow moving, follow me the long way around things, etc. And my 3 year old if getting less attention would probably chew up everything – he is the one that reacts to a missed walk by become very irritating!

    Yeah, it have been your routine for awhile now but they do eventually decide it has been ‘enough’ and figure out a way to get your attention – she is making/extending her own fun time by ignoring you. Your girl is bored and is mature enough, trained enough and forgiving enough not to turn into a monster (yet??) LOL.

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    Quick suggestions – new different kind of toy in that area. New kind of treat she only gets in that area (of course it has to be extra yummy to her).

    For spending time – google around for new tricks to teach her. Take her supper and take 5 minutes and work on teach the new trick. It is amazing how they love the challenge, time spent with you and the fun. 5 minute mental exercise is just as tiring as a 5 km walk to my hyper Maci.

    Oh – hide n seek with either her toys, treats or the kids!

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    It could be that your not around as much especially at night with school. I know Nelson wants to be with me 24/7 and any change in his routine doesn’t sit well with him. Maybe she just wants to be with you and not in the gated room by herself anymore.

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    Carmel is almost 7, ever so often she becomes a “selective” listener, at which point we start back at some of the basics. Right now its down stays, in the evening. Our home is in an uproar right now, and routines are upset, they get so unsettled, so that we can’t get anything done. Hubby and I have been in and out so much the past two weeks and I know they are feeling it.
    So they are made to lie and do a down stay for at least 1/2 hour, which helps to settle them down. Carmel will not come either for breakfast if she sees the syringe with her medication in it. I have taken to leaving her leash on after she come in from being outside in the morning so I can pull her out from under the coffee table.
    Also the outside comes, have become a tour of the back yard, that I have to physically go and get her, to have her come in.

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    Sounds like Molly is bored to tears. How much walk time does she get? How often is she walked/off leash in a new environment? The same old route can get very tedious – even walking it in the opposite direction feels new to a dog. Does she have an opportunity to play with other dogs? Do you spend time grooming her? Most goldens love the attention. Teach her some new tricks. My guiy learned how to close the kitchen cupboards, put his toys away in a laundry basket and find his dinner every meal when I hide his Kongs around the house.

    Those are suggestions just off the top of my head. I’m sure you’ll get many more on here. This is an easy fix. Molly is being ‘selective’ because she’s not hearing anything new. She’s trying to motivate you into motivating her! šŸ™‚

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