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    Ray Rempel

    hi, i was wondering if somebody could shed some light on what is happening to my 10 month old puppy.  his name is ryley and got him when he was 9 weeks old.  he has always been a gentle dog and we have been taking him twice a day to an off leash dog park since he was 3 months old.  he has always played well with other dogs and puppies.  about 2 weeks ago a new puppy showed up, and there has been a problem ever since.  my puppy becomes aggressive towards this puppy, but only this puppy.  has anyone got any idea whats going on with him?

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    We would really need more information- like how does the other puppy greet him, what kind of personality does the puppy have, what do you mean by becomes aggressive, what is he doing.

    Dogs will not like all other dogs just like people 🙂  I would recommend a trainer that deals with behavorial issues if you are concerned and in case it does excalate.   But avoid the other puppy for sure – he shows up, you leave.  My Maci snarls if she greets extra excitable pushy dogs when she is on leash but she is fine off leash with these dogs.  So she never gets to greet any dog when we are walking on leash.

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