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    Wow! So miss everyone and so hopeful that the end of the crazy busyness is over! Company I work for was bought and so I got to basically work for both companies during the year long transition while still filling in the weekend with dog sports and camping.

    Quick run down (or the complete bragging section 🙂 ) Jigar got his first rally title in Cynosport and has 2 legs out of 3 for CKC rally novice. Like always his hangups are the handler!

    Maci got her novice rally title in Cynosport with high enough scores for an Award of Excellence. She will continue to play in some events but is mainly retired. She has gotten worse with her issues with dogs in her space, loud noises, boogyman in the crate (oh wait that is usually just Jigar!) No health problems that we can detect just weirdness. She is not as bad at home or out walking or camping. So I will just fullfill her wishes and only have her entered in locations she loves.

    Harley was our super star this year. I know slow turtle Harley 🙂 We have figured out his levels for thyroid (and yeah normal is too low) and wow do we have energy. Not necessarily a good thing with our small house! He finished his CKC rally advanced earlier, and rally excellent last month. He had 3 first places for excellent, including high scoring golden in the summer at the AB golden specialty. He also got his Cynosport novice rally with 1 score where he bet Maci! He also got his CARO novice rally title. He is semi-retired now as we will not go higher in CKC and will pick and choose for him as well. He loves being with me but loves cuddling at home more than working. We are hoping to enter a hunt test if we can find a trainer. He does love his ducks.

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    Look at those sweet goldens 🙂 oh you guys have been so busy. What great updates on everyone’

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    Oh would I love to crawl onto that couch and snuggle. Pure Golden Heaven! Congrats on all their (and your) accomplishments.

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    Aww, how sweet they all looked curled up on the couch! Congrats on all the accomplishments!!

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    Wow that is amazing that you could fit all that in and still have time for camping. Great job. Hope Maci enjoys her retirement. All three look comfy on the couch.

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    Boy you’ve been busy and have accomplished so much with our three, that’s terrific!

    Do you and Scott have your own couch since I don’t see any room for you on that one ;). Great picture.

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    Claudette Kinkade

    Love your picture, they look so peaceful and comfy. Congratulations on all your accomplishments this year. Good job Jigar, Maci, and Harley – you are awesome.

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    Thanks everyone.

    The picture is definitely an ‘after’ photo LOL It is rare when Jigar is still.

    Nope – it is rare when any human sits on this couch, it is actually rare when anyone or thing besides Maci is on it. She does not like to share her comfort.

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    Cathy DW

    Great photo of your Gang and congrats to all on their success.

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    Love the picture…isn’t it nice to see them all curled up together. Sounds like you have had a busy year and the gang has accomplished a lot. Happy Holidays to your gang.

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