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Angus has a new kitten sister!

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    We have a new addition in our family, an eight month old kitty named Daisy. Daisy joins our golden Angus who is 8, and our other cats Lillianna who is 13 and Simon who is 7. Daisy came from a rescue organization called Critteraid. She is a tiny little thing, probably the runt of the litter, our vet says she will probably never be more than 6lbs. However, like the rest of them she is eating the raw diet with great enthusiasm. She was supposed to be shy, but that only lasted a day or two. It took a couple of weeks before we could let them all loose together. Angus was very impressed with her from day one, Lilly tolerated her and warmed up slowly, but Simon was deathly afraid of her and spent all his time hissing and growling.(He is the original scaredy cat, and yet he is the biggest kitty!!) However, patience paid off and now they all get along fine.

    Daisy is not afraid of sticking her little head in someone elses food bowl if she sees an opportunity, good job Angus is good tempered and does not mind. Our previous golden would certainly not have allowed that!


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    Angus is a lucky brother to have kitty sisters. Our neighbour has 2 cats and they’re always in our yard and Madison likes to visit them. One of them usually swats her in the face and she is so tolerant she’ll stand there and let her do it.

    Good boy Angus for sharing your food with your new sister!

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    oh thats great! Kittens are so much fun! And what a good boy Angus is being. Lucky family all around.

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    Congrats on the new addition!! Daisy sounds like a real cutie and a brave little one too for sticking her head in Angus’s bowl!!

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    Hi Elizabeth,

    I’m glad to hear the newest addition to your family is fitting in well. My one-year old pup, Olive, and my cat Buddha are now the best of friends. They have a daily routine of Buddha rubbing under Olive’s neck which starts a frenzy of kisses, swats and eventually big flops of the ground together…so sweet! Then Olive tries to put Buddha’s head in her mouth and it turns into a spat….they keep things interesting!

    Question: in your earlier post, you noted something about your old golden not accepting someone near its food. Was your golden food aggressive? We are still working with Olive on her snarly attitude around food and though it has gotten better, it is most definitely not gone. I’m always looking for someone who can share some experiences because it’s a little frustrating.

    Hope you’re ever growing family is well.
    Alana, Olive and Buddha

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    Hi Alana,

    I understand your frustrations! I don’t know if I would go so far as to say our old golden, Lucas, was food aggressive but he certainly had tendencies in that direction. One of the things the breeder taught everyone to do with their new pup was to remove the bowl while they were eating. I think doing that introduced the very behaviour you were trying to prevent, and I would never do it again. We did go by his bowl sometimes and drop an extra treat in while he was eating, so he knew something good was going to happen if someone was standing there. For the most past though, we just gave him his space to enjoy his meal. We never had young children around, so no concerns there, and at the time we just had the one cat, Lilly, and she soon had him figured out. I had to smile at your comments, because Lucas used to frequently put Lilly’s head in his mouth, and she didn’t seem to mind much. She always emerged with the latest spiked hairdo!
    I don’t know if you have young children that is causing you concern, but if not I would just allow him to eat in peace. If Olive is good the rest of the time I would not worry too much.


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    It has been a while since I posted or even had time to read. I have gone back to school and all my energy goes to studying. I now have a break this month. Anyway congrats on new addition. We have cats all around us in neighbourhood. A new one arrived next door and has adopted CeeCee as his new best friend.He is a very forward cat and very lovable. CeeCee is scared to death of him. She backed herself into a corner because Fred was on our deck. Quite funny to see – a 68 lb dog backing away from a 6 lb. cat. I love cats, but hubby is alergic. Anyway have fun with Daisy.

    Lesley & CeeCee

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