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Another trip to the vet

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    Rookie this time. Wow, the last 2 weeks have been stressful….and expensive.

    Rookie was scratching at her ear and shaking her head a lot yesterday morning, I checked her ear and it was all red and inflamed, and her ear flap looked like a blow up pillow. I called the vet and he took us right away, he loves us $$$$$$
    So Rookie has a yeast infection…they took a swab, and a hematoma in her right ear. He drained the hematoma, cleaned her ear and put some drops in it, and we have drops to put in for the next 10 days. Vet tells me if the hematoma fills up again, the only option is surgery. Anyone have experience with this sort of thing? We take her back in a week for a re-check.

    Spirit has had a very rough time since the hot spot infection. The meds made her very dopey and she somehow pulled a muscle/sprained her back leg…most likely jumping down off the deck going outside while being so dopey. I actually took her off the meds after 3 days…they just did not agree with her at all. While the hot spot is clearing up nicely..still a bit scabby…she was limping very badly and only the last day or 2 seems to be getting more use of her leg.

    And Storm goes in to be spayed on July 10th. This seems to be my summer of vet bills, no wonder Dr. Bob likes us so much….I am sure I am paying his daughters college tuition.

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    Boy your pups and you just can’t catch a break! I don’t have any experience with ear hematomas but have had heard of more than one Golden having had the quilting surgery done when they kept re-occuring. Let’s hope Rookie doesn’t get another one.

    Hopefully Spirit’s leg gets better without any medical intervention needed and will be sending good thoughts for an uneventful spay for Storm.

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    Oh my gosh – sounds like you are having a rough time…

    I have no experience with this so can’t help you – sorry.

    We are sending good thoughts your way for everyone to heal up quick. Keep us posted!

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    Oh Nancy, goodness you are going through a LOT with your girls!! 🙁

    I knew a girl once whose boyfriend got angry with her lab mix and he pulled her ear hard enough to cause a hematoma. If I remember correctly (and I may not??) the vet had told her that draining it would likely not do anything as it would just re-fill, so he just left it all puffy like that, and told her to see if her body reabsorbs it. It did heal in time, and she didn’t get surgery… to the best of my recollection, anyway. (It was 25 yrs ago… details are fuzzy.)

    I wonder if it just happened during an innocent playtime between dogs. I know that Faith often grabs Haven’s long ears too!

    Awww – poor Spirit’s injured leg. 🙁 She’s been having a rough time lately. I hope both her hot spot and her leg heal up quickly and without further incident!!

    Storm – awwwww – time for the spay already?! She’ll be fine, but yes — that sounds like a LOT of big vet bills all at once. 🙁 I feel badly for you!!


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    Claudette Kinkade

    You have been really have a rough time with your furkids, and I know you take such good care of them and worry about them when a medical problem occurs. And, Spirit hurting her leg, something you didn’t need right now. Glad it is not bothering her anymore. You are making some progress with Rookie, ear feeling better, now all we have to do is pray the hematoma heals on its own since surgery is something you do not want to consider. With Storm’s spaying coming up July 10th, let’s pray her sisters are feeling much better so you can concentrate on Storm. I know you have done your homework and will have lots of questions for the vet. Fingers and Paws crossed!

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    Sounds like it has been an expensive spring for you.
    Carmel had a hematoma on one of her ears a few years ago. Took a long time, but did go away on its own. I remember googling it and finding out they put drains in it, if it didn’t resolve on its own. Her’s formed due to an ear infection and shaking her head violently.
    Good luck with Storm’s spaying in a few weeks.

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    Oh my goodness I thought I went to the vet lots, but we love our fur kids and hate to see them hurting. Ripley and I hope all is well for the rest of the summer. We have been to the vet enough that we asked if they could put our name on a parking spot or if they wouldn’t mind starting a points card, that would be really nice for all of us, so far neither has happened. Hopefully you got all the vets visits done in one month.

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    Must be losing it……all this rain has addled my brain. When Carmel had the Hematomas, was both ears. The Vet gave her predinsone for over a month. That is what cleared them up. If it hadn’t then he would have put the teat drains in. Hopefully Rookie won’t need the surgery and will go away with out further treatment.

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    Ah poor baby! Murphy went through something like that last year. She got a an ear infection and both ear flaps were so swollen from her shaking her head, looked so painful. She was put on eardrops, prednisone and oral abx and the ear flaps eventually reduced on their own…no draining needed. The fluid reabsorbs on its own when they stop shaking their heads. Hope Rookie is better soon.

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    Yup, spay time already! The time has just flown by. Storm will be 10 months old when she goes to be spayed. She went into heat at 8 months, and I want her spayed before that happens again lol

    Spirit seems to be back to normal now, thank goodness. Her hind leg isn’t bothering her at all, and the scab on her face is all gone…it will take a while for her fur to grow back, but that is no big deal.

    Rookie’s ear infection is all cleared up, but the hematoma has filled up again. It’s not really big, and doesn’t seem to bother her at all. When I take her back to the vet next week for a recheck, I will talk to him about other options. After doing some research into this….I don’t think surgery will be happening. Fingers & paws crossed!

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