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Avatar pics, quotes coming up w/wrong people’s pics?

Home Forums Website Updates & Issues Avatar pics, quotes coming up w/wrong people’s pics?

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    Hi Lisa,
    just noticing this morning that some avatar pics and signature pics are with the wrong user. Also in the Golden Gathering thread when someone has quoted it comes up with a pic of one of Laurie’s dogs

    Sometimes strange things happen when I’m using my iPad vs my iMac so not sure if it’s an isolated issue just for me.


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    Lisa Schuyler

    I applied a new release of the software this morning to fix some bugs we were having. Possible that it created new ones! I’ll take a look.

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    Hi Lisa,
    Is it just me or is the cropping tool not working on this site? Every time I try to upload a photo – the photo is immediately cropped off to one side and I can’t change it?

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    I just tried to change my avatar today and the same thing happened. Maybe Lisa has a fix for this.

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