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Babysitting this weekend *A Bloodhound, oh my!*

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    Dale, is four years old, very sweet and smelly..haha. Drools like nobodies business and is not exactly mister biddable. hahaha! What a breed! Lawl!

    I only have him till Monday. This is the sort of breed that will drive you crazy but, they are SO sweet they can make you forget they will not listen. My husband is walking him on his provided halter leash, nose to the ground all the way. And that hooooooooowwwwwl is hilarious! Hope my neighbors think so too. This confirms it. I’ve never met a dog I did not like.

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    Have fun babysitting. He sounds like a great dog. Never personally met a Bloodhound

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    Claudette Kinkade

    Have fun, you are good friend.

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