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    scot girl

    As most of you know, Zeus is on a diet. We gave him some apple for a treat and he loved it, Monday we gave him a bit of Banana which he also loved but oh my my what a day after that. About 7 hours later he vomited 7 times in an hour and had diareeah twice, he was really panting and in a terrible state, we were so worrieď. Seemed like everything he ate after the Banana came out in one way or another. I read small amount of Banana is okay for dogs but for Zeus it’s NO BANANA. Anyone else have a similar experience? Oh and he also took the skin of his nose by rubbing it on the rug, I guess he was trying to move the vomit away. I was outside ànd when I came in he was at the door and the first thing I seen was his nose then walked into the livingroom and realised what happened, so he has a tender nose too.

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    Oh poor Zeus! Are you sure it was the banana that made him so sick? Could he have maybe picked up something outside? I know I have found things in our yard that squirrels drop when they run along the wires overhead, or the fence. I’ve never had a problem with my crew eating bananas.
    Hope Zeus is feeling better…and his nose too!

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    Hope he is feeling better, and his nose heals soon. My two love banana’s and have never had a problem eating them. Though Cheyanne needs them cut into very small pieces otherwise she won’t touch them.

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    Poor Zeus. I’m sorry he had such a reaction to banana. We give some to Kiwi when we’re eating one and she hasn’t had any issues. Hope his nose is better soon.

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    aww poor Zeus Ripley loves banana and has had no reaction to them but if I give a little bit to Lucy(our sheltie) she throws up so maybe some dogs just can’t handle a banana. I have not got to eat a whole banana since Ripley got his first taste. Speedy recovery on the nose.

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    Claudette Kinkade

    How is Zeus doing today? That is awful, diarrhea and vomiting – sure sounds like food poisoning. That banana sure didn’t agree with him. Feel better Zeus.

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    Poor Zeus…we have never tried feeding Rylee banana. Hope his nose heals quickly and that he stays away from bananas in the future…

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    scot girl

    Thanks for your concern everyone, Zeus is fine now, once he got rid of all the banana he sleptfor hours and has been fine since. I know it was the banana as he is on a diet and apart from his food all he had was banana, he was not off leash either so I know he did not pick anything up outside. I am àlso pleaseď to say that his nose is much better, still a little crusty but definitely on the mend. Hope you aĺl had a good weekend.

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