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Before and After grooming pictures of Jake

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      Claudette Kinkade

      Just wanted to share with you the before grooming and after grooming pictures of my big guy, Jake.
      After calling ahead of time to get a day that would be best to bring him so they did not keep him all day he still was there 7 hours. I am going to go stop by the shop and talk to the groomer directly. When I picked him up my groomer’s dad told me he took a long time to dry. Those of you that have your dogs groomed outside the home, do they put your dog in a crate and have warm air dry them or are they hand dried. He has been going to the same groomer for at least 7 years but now that he is getting older 7 hours is just too long to be sitting waiting to be washed and groomed. It cannot take 7 hours to groom him. He did come home smelling fresh and his fur was very soft, not as happy with the cut this time though. He’s my big goofy guy, got to love him.



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      Just *today* I almost posted wondering about Jake’s before and after pics!!!!!! I am so glad you posted them. Awwww – he’s so adorable, Claudette!! He is sooooooooooo fuzzy and handsome!!! Does he smell as good as he looks? 😉


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      Cathy DW

      Claudette, Jake always looks good. I’m sure his before pic looks better then my Girls after. What a handsome lad. I must agree. My two ladies (9 & 13) find that whole day a long time but our groomer does such a great job.

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      Oh my God Claudette how did you stop touching him long enough to take pictures? I do agree with you that 7 hours is too long at the groomers, Rilpey is about 4 hours and he is dry to the bones when we pick him up. Love that big ole Jake of yours.

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      Awww what a WOOLY BEAR!!!! I want to use him as a body pillow. He just has that regal old timer face that just makes my heart swell. He’s got those cute little marshmellow feeeeet! I love when the feet are all trimmed like that!!!!
      That’s too bad you weren’t happy with the groom, 7 hours is far too long – especially for an older dude. Where I work, we just did two large goldens last weekend, and they BOTH were done in 5 hours. We use the high powered dryer to get the most of their body, then table hand dry the feathers, ears, and whatever left that is damp. Also do you usually get more trimmed off of Jake? his ears don’t even look trimmed up? Other than that he probably smells as good as he looks!!!
      I just did Otis and Wilma for Easter weekend, since we’re going to my mothers….well at the dogpark this morning Wilma decided to lay down in a super thick mud puddle… then jump in the bog nearby…so yeah my clean n fresh Goldens lasted about hmmm…. 12 hours? LOL.

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      What a big soft teddy bear he is! Give him a hug for me. I don’t know how they dry Kiwi but she usually has some wonky parts to her fur so I’m guessing it’s not totally a hand dry.

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      What a handsome fella…..I can see with all that fur that it might take a while but 7 hours? When our groomer had her shop it would take about 3 to 4 hours depending on how many dogs they had. Now she works from home and it takes only a couple of hours. In both instances it was a hand dryer that seemed to have the force of a hurricane that they used.

      Happy Easter to all :lemo:

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      That Jake is sure a big handsome guy – before AND after! But seven hours? I don’t blame you for being put off at that. I’m guessing most of those hours aren’t spent washing, drying and grooming him but waiting to be washed, dried and groomed

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      Such a handsome guy, love his coat. 7 Hours seems like such a long time, especially as they age.

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      Claudette, 7 hours is too long. Even for a show the dogs with the tons of hair like Jake do not take that long and that is with us being picky and trimming and being nickpicky. The few times I had Harley professionally done for a show he was only there 5 hours and I know there was some waiting then still.

      Saying that everything is done with a force air dryer (I own 2…best things ever!) and some hand drying—I am thinking for the most part they put him in a crate to finish drying so they can do other dogs. Is he completely dried when you get him? Maybe you can get him earlier and he can finish drying at home? Maybe you can find a groomer that only schedules 1 dog at a time so there is no waiting around?

      He is super handsome before and after! And I do you quit touching him to take pictures?

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      Claudette, I couldn’t answer your concern before about the length of time Jake’s grooming took, because I hadn’t had Faith groomed before. Now that I have, I agree with you that 7 hours seems WAY too long!

      Faith’s grooming started at 10:30am, and the groomer suggested I come back for 2:30pm, in case Faith takes longer to dry. I got there before 2:30pm, and the groomer was already about 1/3 finished another dog, and Faith was waiting in a crate for pick-up. So it actually took her probably about 3.5 hours to do Faith’s bath, all the cutting that I asked her to do (far more than a Golden would normally get!), her nails filed, her ears cleaned, and for her to be brushed and dried. Mind you, her butt was still a little damp (hence all the super-curls in my picture thread, hahaha), but not ‘wet’, per se.

      I wonder how much time Jake waits in a crate before and after his grooming session?? A full day does seem like a really long time. I wonder if you told them that once he was mostly dried, you wanted to be called to pick him up, if it’s not too cold outside for him to go home damp. You can always just finish him up at home with a hair dryer on “warm”, so he’s in his comfortable environment. (?)


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