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Big baby boy is 5!

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    Happy Birthday to my cuddlebutt Harley. Can not believe he is 5. We still call him baby boy even with Jigar in the house as he is so sensitive and cuddly-will always be the baby. But like all goldens he can be a brat—still steals towels every chance he gets and watch your ears! He gave Scott a heart attack last night in the petstore when he grabbed and ate a extra large treat right from the shelf. Daddy thinks Harley is perfect…all part of his plan so he can get whatever he wants 🙂

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    Happy Birthday! You big handsome boy..beat that treat was the best! And Carmel says towels are the best to steal…so nice an soft in the mouth.

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    Happy Birthday handsome Harley!! We think stealing towels is very normal—at least it is around here. And who can resist the treats in the pet store!!

    Have a great Birthday Harley 🙂

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    Claudette Kinkade

    Harley is gorgeous. Happy Birthday you big, cuddly, handsome boy. I have to agree too, stealing towels is very normal for a golden, at least it was around my house. Maybe on your birthday you should just get to pick anything you want for your gift. (stores treat)
    Enjoy your birthday!

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    Happy, Happy 5th Birthday handsome Harley!!

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    Happy Birthday Harley! Such a cute boy!

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    Happy birthday Harley. Hope you had a fun day and don’t worry about snatching that treat at the pet store they should have them up higher if they don’t want puppies to eat them. Ripley doesn’t get to go into the pet store because I know that is what he would do.

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    Awwwwwwwwwwwww – sweet Harley!!! Ya little treat-stealer, hahahaha!! HAPPY big #5!!!!!!!!! If Mommy didn’t notice the color change, or lack of visible genitalia, I would have swapped you for Faith YEARS ago!!!!! You are my dream dog!! 😉

    Have a wonderful birthday!!!!!!


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    Maureen, he has the energy level you want but he is all boy 🙂 I am always joking he is my saving account—could sell him to others several times over. I even have a friend who prefers very active breeds that wants Harley.

    I tried to get a video of Harley when I sing (not nicely) but it is not possible to really see anything. He always whines and tries to roll over my head even when I am sitting. He gets to be the only baby for 3 weeks as Jig goes back to the breeders for some shows. He will be in heaven LOL

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    Happy belated 5th birthday Harley!!!!!! What a handsome guy..

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    Cathy DW

    Happy 5th Barkday (belatedly) Harley. Such a handsome fellow. Hope you were spoiled.

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