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    I am exhausted!!! I did have to ask Scott to remind me why I like dog sports 🙂

    We were entered 2 days in a CARO trial (rally obedience – the one with the signs/stations). The first day ran from 8 am to 7 pm! The second we were out of the there by 2, but did not stay for everything.

    I did have high hopes for Harley as these trials are a lot more relaxing with great people and no hard core competitors. Lots of fun! But he did stress a bit and would not sit…I did some ‘testing’ and he is not ready to do that many ‘commands’ without a treat. He would eat and did some lovely touches so he was not completely shut down…so hard to tell with such a calm dog!!!!!

    He did get 1 leg toward his novice title. We were so close 3 other times. We missed on 3 team legs…Harley and his missed sits and our lovely partner a Irish terrier got the zoomies once. It was a very funny pairing…the springy, spinning terrier and the calm slow golden.

    Maci was a joy…meaning I wish she did not like people! Let me correct that, loves people! We NQd 3 times because she left the ring to visit. When I had her she was wonderful, did her jumps and backup 3 steps!! I had attention and she ignored the judge. She is definitely my Test dog 🙂

    She got 1 leg towards her excellent title. We were close 3 times for advanced team…our lovely partner and us shared the oops in those runs.

    There were lots of tears too…so many dogs you know that have passed since the last trial. But the laughs were great and meant we were all going to be back in the spring!

    Sorry I have no pictures…we were volunteers with course building etc. I do have some video but not of the good runs LOL. I will see what they look like and if at all interesting I will post.

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    What no pictures!!! Sounds like you all had a very successful weekend. A huge congrats to you and especially Harley and Maci. I bet they must have been exhausted also.

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    You do such great things with Harley and Maci. Good job to all of you!

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    It sounds like you had fun. Rally is something we have not tired but it looks likes loads of fun and as you say a more relaxed atmosphere. If you can post any of the video it would be great.

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    Vony Smith

    I agree with you!

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