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      Madison Martin

      Hi all, I know that I should’ve posted this on the FaceBook group; I’ve tried several times but I can’t get it to copperate. So I’m hoping that someone on hear can help me. If someone wants to post this for me on Facebook then I’d really appreaciate it. I know that I posted asking for recamendations of breeders in Manitoba, and everyone that I’ve asked keeps pointing me to the same person, Tiffany Waite of CastleRock Goldens near Winnapeg. So I’m wondering, is there anyone on hear (or on the Facebook group) who has purchased a puppy/dog from her? If so what did you think of her, her Goldens, and her facilities? What were she and her Goldens like? Please be 100% honest. I really hope that there is someone on hear who can help me. I look forward to hearing back from anyone who can help me!! Have a grate weekend! Thank you,

Viewing 0 reply threads
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