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    Hi all
    thanks for the thoughts and prayers. I’ve taken good advice to start him with the pumpkin and he has already shown some bit of improvement! We got a whole night sleep last night..whew.
    He doesn’t have heartworm (yay) but we still are not sure what the problem is. The plan is to finish the antibiotics and see how he does and go from there. The vet thinks pancreas inflamation is most likely so the antibiotics should help that.
    He sure has perked up today. i guess keeping food in long enough to use some of it helps.

    Thanks again. I’ll post again on how he’s doing once the meds are off. I have to say the pumpkin did wonders already..huge change.

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    Good Bonnie….Told you it would work…hopefully it continues. Britney does very well on it…it is good for them, and will definitely help solidify the problem. I cannot tell you what a difference it has made for Britney on the pumpkin everyday. she is so much better…no gassy stuff and seems to eat it and enjoy it in her food. Good luck…keep going….there is an end in sight hopefully to all this stuff. Much of what you described sounded so much like what I went through for that couple of weeks in Septmeber! It was soo awful…Poor Britney was up all night…so uncomfortable, in pain vomiting, diarrhea, liquid poop and then bleesing from all the pushing and stuff. It was awful and scary. They checked for pancreatitis too but she was negative. The consensus was that they think she picked up something awful off someones lawn. But normally she doesn’t eat stuff and I never really saw her eat anything strange. Who knows… happened and it was awful I sympathize with you….Hope Charlie is better and on the mend and YOU too.

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    Hi Bonnie,

    It’s good to hear that Charlie is feeling so much better, and I’m sure he will keep on improving. It’s great that you got a good nights sleep. I guess that is something we take for granted most of the time, and then when you lose it, and get it back again it seems like the best thing in the world.

    Take care, and hugs to Charlie.

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    I’m so happy to hear Charlie is starting to feel better. I’ve been wondering how you two were doing. Fingers crossed he keeps up the improvments !!

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    Claudette Kinkade

    Bonnie, I, too, am so happy to hear Charlie is improving and will be on the way to a complete recover soon.
    Claudette and Jake

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