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Codi's out of remission :(

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    Within weeks of being off chemo Codi’s lymph node started to swell up. Totally a punch in the gut for us.
    We have started what is called a rescue protocol. A different type of chemo taken orally every 21 days. We added more supplements to his diet (10 pills daily!), added acupuncture and he continues to swim weekly. We are focusing on keeping a positive and fun environment for him.
    He continues to eat very well and is his normal self. He sleeps alot but that’s not out of the ordinary for a dog his age. He loves his swimming.
    So many people seem to really question why we are putting him through all this. I see them thinking that we are being selfish. All I know is that we’ve gotten 6 months that we might not have otherwise gotten, and through it all he was the same guy. Yes age has caught up to him and maybe the chemo has had something to do with that, but he remained himself, just a little slower.
    I hope this chemo has minimal effects and gives us a wonderful summer together. I finally took the plunge and booked five weeks off from mid August to mid September. I wish I could move it up but cannot. Fingers and paws crossed that he will be with me for it.
    Everyday he is with us is such a blessing.
    Please keep him in your thoughts and send some Power of the Paw if you can!

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    I’m sorry to hear he’s out of remission.

    He’s your boy and you know him best so don’t listen to what other people are saying. If he’s still feeling good then that’s what is most important.

    We’re thinking of you and hoping the rescue protocol helps him.

    give him a great big hug from me.

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    Oh Shauna we are sorry to hear that he is out of remission…we were all so hopeful for you guys. Don’t even worry what other people think – you are doing what you can for him all the while making sure he stays the same old Codi that we all know and love. Sounds like he’s in good hands to us!

    That’s great that you took some time off – sounds like you don’t do it that often! We will continue to keep him and you guys in our thoughts. Power of the paw to Codi!!!

    Looking forward to seeing you and the gang at the gathering! If you need anything at all in the meantime – just let us know.

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    Power of the paws to Codi and when you get to your 5 weeks off have a blast with him. Do not worry what other people think he is your baby and you will do everything and anything for him. Have a fun filled holiday. POWER OF THE PAWS love Ripley and Lucy.

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    So sorry to hear that he is out of remission…was so not hoping to hear that…Sending the Power of the Paws all the way from Germany…just taking a break waiting for the twins to wake up to be feed, (been checking in every few days).

    Continuing to send pawsitive thoughts your way.

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    That sucks 🙁 I think what you are doing is what I would do too especially if Codi is still swimming and the like.

    Hugs to him and you guys!


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    Sorry to hear the bad news. Glad to hear he is enjoying his life and you are taking time this summer to enjoy life with him. Best wishes to all of you.

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    Shauna I’m so sorry to hear that Codi is not in remission anymore. Ignore what other people think all that matters is how Codi is feeling. Sending super Power of the Paw to him. Enjoy every minute together and spoil him and the boys rotten. Hugs to Codi from us.

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    Shauna, I am so very sorry to hear Codi is out of remission. I know how heartbreaking this is. I envy this time you have with your boy….Shiloh’s lymphoma was so advanced by the time any symptoms showed up…we only had 3 short weeks with her. Sending power of the paw to Codi…..hugs from us

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    Claudette Kinkade


    I am so sorry to hear about Codi, but I know you are doing what is best for him at this time. Don’t pay attention to other people’s thoughts and opinions. As long as he is being himself (of course he is a little slower), eating and enjoying his swimming, and being with you, that is what counts. I know when Jake was sick I did everything I could to help him, and when it was time to say good-bye, I was at peace. I knew it was time. You will also know. Let’s hurry and get you to the middle of August so you can be at home with him. Sending hugs and the Power of the Paw to Codi. We love them so much, it hurts.

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    Shauna…Have been wondering how Codi is doing as well as the rest of you. In our thoughts and continuing to send Power of the Paws your way. Hugs…

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    Been thinking of you and Codi as well. I know you are off work now on holidays so hope you are spending lots of time with your boy.

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