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Dealing With Low Appetite?

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    I realize this is rare in Goldens, but my son’s German Shepherd at just over one year is still far too lean. We offer 3 cups twice per day, but he often leaves it in the dish. He’s at 85lbs but still has ribs and backbone showing.

    Any tips or advice would be appreciated.

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    If there’s no medical reason for him to not want to eat, maybe he’s bored with his food? If he’s always eaten the same food a change to a different food might help stir his interest in eating again. When we change food we do it gradually to help avoid tummy issues.

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    He’s on the fussy side – certain foods he just won’t touch. I’m ready to start adding ground beef to his kibble.

    I’ve heard suggestions that Shepherds take until two to fill out – again so not an issue with Goldens.

    Hopefully the vet will have some good ideas, or at least reassurance.

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    Oh yeah, herding dogs are a very different breed 🙂 It was not until the goldens that I found the piglets of the dog world…the belgians only ate because we asked them to I swear!

    Do you mind telling us what dog food he currently eats? Just wonder if what he does eat is enough already for him (for the benefits of the others, there are dogs (not goldens obviously) that will self-regulate how much they eat LOL)

    Ribs and backbone showing all the time even standing? How long has he looked too skinny? I would have the vet give an option but at big dog at 1 year of age –might be a growth spurt if he has only been too skinny for a week or so.

    Oh and check teeth if the leaving food behind is a recent thing and not something he has always done.

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    Pro plan with the shreds is the only decent dog food he will eat well – and even then it can’t be certain flavors. His owner tipped me off the Jackson (the shepherd) loves fish oil. I’m going to try adding it to his dinner tonight and see if that improves his appetite.

    Goldens definitely don’t self-regulate! Louie would eat all of his dinner and Jackson’s too if allowed.

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    Jackson (Shepherd) and Louie (Golden) on the Chrysler Canada Greenway.

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    Beautiful looking dogs…low appetite what’s that. I know my daughters Great Danes and Bull Mastiff, only maybe ate 2 cups a day. She could leave the food out for them to help themselves, couldn’t be done around here. Hopefully the Vet has some suggestions… Everything else you are doing would make my girls drool. LOL

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