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    Harley is back home – these lump thing (not sure what the vet called it now, not even a cyst but caused by a contusion (sp?)) was huge underneath the skin and he has a bigger incision that I was expected as well as a drain tube.

    But other than messy, he was already a happy, active puppy when I picked him up since they did not have to use too much anesthetic to put him under.


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    Glad to hear Harley is home and doing well. I know how messy the drain tube can be. My first Golden Bailey had to have lump removed when she was 11. It was much bigger than expected and the vet put in a drain tube–it was terribly messy for a while. But she recovered very well.
    Give Harley a good back scratch from us!!

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    Yay for Harley! Glad to hear that all went well. It must feel like the weight of the world is lifted off you…I know how much stres it can be. Sounds like you are going to have a crazy golden puppy christmas!

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    Actually I should take a picture of our tree. I wanted it up badly this year because we did not put up anything last year – puppy or no puppy.

    But Harley is a different dog, this is the first year I have nothing ball shaped on the tree – day by day he would find a new one, carefully (like only a golden can do) remove it from the tree and run like mad. so the are all removed now and the tree looks like someone forgot to finish decorating it.

    And do not get me started on stealing sugar cookies from the counter LOL. Makes my jumping, excitable 3 year golden seem like a angel.

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    Glad to hear Harley is home and doing well, what a big relief for you I’m sure.

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    oh Tammy that made me laugh! Last year our tree had only lights. Still very pretty! Poor Charlie had a hard time with being scared of everything and I didn’t want to risk him knocking it over.
    It doesn’t help that my cat likes to climb up the middle of the tree causing it to shake and shimmer.
    Boy I love my zoo!

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    Claudette Kinkade

    Tammy, So glad to hear Harley is home with you.
    Give the little guy a big hug from Jake and me.

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