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    I’m sure many of you have experienced this problem so you probably can offer some advice. Rudy gets very excited in particular situations. Whenever he is around any form of stimulus (scents of other dogs or animals, large groups of people, new situations) he goes batsh!t nuts. He pulls so hard on his leash to get to the stimulus it almost dislocates my shoulder. Nothing I’ve tried will calm him. I once tried to calm him before entering a PetSmart (a serious trigger for him) and it took me almost 20 minutes before he was calm enough to enter. Once inside the store he started getting worked up around the other dogs so I forced him to sit and stay while the dogs moved around him. This proved very successful in teaching him to be calmer around other dogs and he is now capable of ignoring them. So Rudy has the capacity for learning and changing. What I’m looking for are techniques to teach him to be calm when confronted with various stimulus. I should also add that when he’s on his regular walks he’s fine. He gets ahead of me occasionally but never pulls so hard I almost fall to the ground.

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    The sit, stay you worked with him on to be calmer around other dogs is something that might help in practicing to be calm around other stimulus.  Have a very yummy treat with you he can’t resist then have him sit, stay and make eye contact with you in order to get the treat.  This will help take his attention away from the thing that he was so excited over and hopefully pay attention to you instead.  Ideally you want to have him sit, stay and watch you before the stimulus actually approaches so he doesn’t get the chance to get worked up as it’s of course harder to calm him down then but I know that’s not always possible.




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    Unfortunately for every situation you will need to have lots of time and patience and do what you did at Petsmart.  What Maddie’s mom suggested with the treats is excellent too.  If Rudy can not take the treat or focus enough to sit, move further away and move closer slowly and only when he is behaving—what ever that might mean to you/be what you want.  Going to see someone or something is also the reward.

    Maci was and is like that….she has to sit and heel nicely towards what ever she wants to see (like my Mother every weekend at the trailer!)  I have taken 30 mins to get into class or start a walk several times.   With a lot of goldens like Maci it is a lack of self control.  I saw a huge improvement using ‘Nothing in Live is Free’ and ‘Look at that’ game.  Also penalty yards —starting a walk but dog is pulling or acting too excited, go all the way back to the front door and start again.  And retry and retry.  The first 3 days with Maci we never got passed the driveway but she now will ‘correct’ herself when she knows she pulled and forgot herself and will backup into heel position 🙂

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    Caesar Milan has some fabulous tips to help dogs cope with that behavior. Go to his website or find related clips on you tube. They work.

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    Thanks for all the advice folks.  He seems to be getting a smidg better on his own.  I think it’s because he’s almost through his growth cycle and is settling down a bit.  But I will try your suggestions as he still needs work learning to walk on a leash.

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