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Faith and Gemma's Birthday!

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    I just read on another thread that Miss Gemma and Miss Faith share today, Nov 11th, as their birthday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GEMMA!!! How old are you??? 🙂

    Faith turns 4 today! I looked around the house for anything “birthday like” that I could put on Faith for a photo shoot, and the best I could come up with was this pink boa that I found on the kids’ craft shelf! hahaha So we tried it out many ways, to show the festive birthday side of Faith.

    I think she was a little embarrassed that I was putting something dumb on her, and then making her let me take her picture, hahaha. But in the last picture, she got to have it in her mouth! 🙂

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    Cathy DW

    Happy Barkday Faith. You’re just a pup at 4. I’m 10 years young today though I am told a lady never discusses her age. Oh well. I love your photos. My Mom has tried to put clothes or accessories on me but I’m afraid I wouldn’t look as pretty as you, especially since I usually don’t tolerate them and am inclined to chew or throw them off quickly. Do you and Haven have special plans today? I am going to relax because my Mom isn’t working so she can spoil me all day long (just don’t tell her I said so).

    Wags and Licks

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    Happy Birthday to Faith & Gemma! We hope you both have the best of days, lots of treats & fun!

    Faith you look so beautiful! Not to happy looking in the first 2 pics…but the last one makes me laugh! Look at her eyes lol she looks like she is getting revenge on that nasty boa haha

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    Happy birthday Faith and Gemma! Enjoy your day!!!

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    Wishing Faith and Gemma both a very Happy Birthday today! Love your boa pictures Faith 🙂

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    Love the pics of Faith!
    Happy Birthday Faith & Gemma! Hope you both get special treats today.

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    Happy Birthday to Faith and Gemma. Oh Faith you looks so beautiful and birthday like in your pretty pink boa I have to agree the last picture you look like you are thinking of ways to get revenge on mommy. Have a barking good day to both of you.

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    Claudette Kinkade


    Faith, I love your birthday pictures, and I think you are thinking “what are you doing to me”?

    I love your big beautiful eyes especially the last picture where it sure does look like you are thinking about revenge. Hope your birthday was a very special day for you. Sending hugs.

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    Happy Birthday Faith and Gemma…Hope you both had a great day and were spoiled on your special day.

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    Happy Birthday to both Faith and Gemma! 4 years old already Maureen…hard to believe 🙂

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    I *know*, Sue!! As I told Faith yesterday, “I didn’t think we’d ever get to 4! At least not sanely on my part”. 😉 lol


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    Happy Birthday Gemma and Faith! I hope you both got spoiled rotten!

    Maureen—did what we say come true? They do eventually and slowly grow up and calm down (in some situations) LOL

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    Tammy, for the most part, she is sweet, calm, obedient and relaxed. But 10% of the time, she is ridiculous, puppy-brained, hyper, stubborn, and too rough. 😉

    However, last night, I said to Keira, (who was fawning over Faith, telling Faith how much she loves her): “Well, my whole reason to get you a dog was so that you could sit with her, and talk to her, and hug her, and love her — and even if she’s not everything I thought she’d be, she is everything YOU thought she’d be. So she is the *perfect* dog that way!” 🙂

    So yes, what you all promised me, when I had a poop-eating, biting, clawing, leash-pulling, cat-charging hellion of a puppy HAS come true BIG TIME! It was hard to see it would ever happen, but here we are – age 4, with our very adorable dog that I can trust to be calm 90% of the time! 😉 I suppose that’s on-par for a Golden… or ANY dog, for that matter, eh? 😉

    How are things with YOUR little puppy?!! (Still can’t believe you got a 3rd!! rofllll)


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