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Fear of smoke detector "chirps"

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      I’m presently crate training my golden and everything’s been working out just fine. however, I came home at lunch today and Scotch (my golden) had escaped the cage… He actually bent the cage door completely out of shape to escape. He’s OK, but he could have gotten caught and choked to death trying to get out. I then found out that my smoke alarm was emitting a small chirp every 30 seconds to tell me to change the battery. This is what Scotch is so scared of. He freaks right out when he hears the small chirp. Other than that, he’s a really chilled out dog and nothing else bothers him. Has this happened to anyone else? Anyone know how to face and conquer this fear? It’s just a matter of time until I get another low battery in a smoke detector… Anyone have any thoughts? Cheers!

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      Hi Louis,
      I have a 6yr old female goldie named Murphy. She too is a very calm golden but the chirp of the smoke alarm would set her off as well. She is not crated, she is great in the house and has never destroyed anything. However, if I cook something and set the smoke alarm off she gets really anxious. So now when I put on the hood fan over the stove she immediately goes to hide thinking the alarm will sound. My husband thinks its funny that our dog hides when I turn on the stove and fan. The power went off the other day for a couple of hours and when it came back on everything was beeping, she was beside herself. The other thing she hates is flies or bees. If we come home and she is hiding, I know there is a fly in the house, funny quirks. I have no idea how to help her get over these fears either. Funny how they remember some things and totally forget things you want them to remember. I have no advice to give but let me know if you figure out how to conquer the fears.

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      Lisa Schuyler

      Monty is so afraid of beeps from the smoke detector, as well the high pitch beep from a lot of our appliances when the power flicks. His heart will race and he’ll panic for at least an hour. Just completely squirrelly. I can’t think of any way to conquer that fear. I’ve been afraid he’ll have a heart attack. We try to ignore him until he calms down so we aren’t encouraging it.

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