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    Muskoka is now 10 plus and just had her annual check up. Her thyroid is terrific (she’s on thyro pills) but my vet wasn’t happy with her kidney function. He didn’t think she needed a prescription diet…yet but suggested we change her food to a lower protein food. Presently she is eating Fromm’s Salmon a la veg (before that it was chicken a la veg). Chicken shows 24% protein and the salmon 25%. Fromm’s has a Mature Adult food that says it has 21% protein. Any other suggestions that might get the protein % down further?

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    Claudette Kinkade

    Try googling in Whole Dog Journal low protein dog food or just low protein dog food and see what you can find. You can check it out before you go to the store. Good Luck finding a better dog food for Muskoka.

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    I agree with Claudette….the Whole dog Journal has lots of good info. I had started researching different foods when we thought Cheyanne may be going in to kidney failure.
    In the end found a lite formula that still has 24% protein but lower in fat (7%). Found any of the Salmon brands where really high in fat. They are both on Nutro Natural Choice..Lamb and Brown rice. Cause they both need to lose weight and both are starting to drop the pounds. At least with this I can feed them a little more. I didn’t really find to many in my research that were lower unless you go for a special kibble for renal disease. Good luck with the food.

    Great checkup for Muskoka. Great when they stay healthy.

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