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    Lisa Schuyler

    I thought that Monty must have had a hot spot on his tail a year ago that I missed. He has a thick area that is nearly hairless and looks much like a hot spot after it is healed, but when the hair hasn’t grown in.

    Months and months later, it still looks like this, so when my husband took Monty in for his annual check-up today, I had him ask the vet to take a look.

    The vet said that it is a gland that is active when male dogs aren’t neutered and it was perfectly normal. Whew!

    Who knew?


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    Claudette Kinkade

    Love Monty’s picture and so happy with the vet’s explanation.  Hugs to Monty.

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    Wow, that’s a new one to me too, Lisa. I’ve never heard of a tail gland. Good to know that all is okay, eh?

    Monty is a very handsome dog. 🙂


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    Good to hear that it is normal! I’ve always had females, so this is something I didn’t know.


    Monty is such a handsome boy!

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    That a relief! Look at Monty so handsome with his sugar face. We haven’t seen pictures of him in years. He must be 8 now as Nelson will be 8 in Dec.

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    I am assuming underneath?  Harley has an area that never gets hair either and always seems ‘dirty’ and Maci does not.

    What a great photo of the handsome Monty!

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    Lisa Schuyler

    Thanks everyone. That was Monty after we picked him up from the boarding kennel a few weeks ago. Life is so much better with a good boarding kennel available so you know your dog is safe and having a good time.

    Monty is 7.5 years old now . He’s never made 70 lbs and is always 68 or 69. Lean and still bouncy. He can walk by an arm chair and then boing! He’s sitting on your lap, effortless, and totally naughty.

    @cheslyn1 it’s actually on top of the tail, but his hair covers the bald spot so it isn’t too noticeable. I should take a picture of it!

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    What a handsome guy.  We don’t see enough pictures of him Lisa (hint, hint).

    Learn something new every day.  Never owned a male dog so I would have thought the same thing you did initially.

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    Its good to hear that the spot on Monty’s tail was normal. Big sigh of relief for you I am sure.  What a happy looking golden he is.

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    Yes, I have heard of this, I believe it’s called “Stud Tail”, it’s a skin gland located at the top of the tail at the base, females can even have an over production of oil (not as common) but you’ll notice a thinning of hair there if you put the hair in the opposite direction, sometimes there can be little scabs or discolouration. Otis does have hair there, but you can see the oil in the fur but it’s not very noticeable.  Having a good kennel/someone who watches your dog really is something to not take for granted, I’ve recently started 2 new jobs and working long hours, luckily I have a very good retired friend that loves my dogs and they get to hang out with him all day….wouldn’t know what I’d do without him…so very lucky! Your boy is so cute… look at that smile… gorgeous

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    That’s new to me as well but then I always had my males neutered.

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