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Golden really wants to race but…first things first

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    This video has been circulating a lot this week but in case you missed it…I think many of us could relate 😉

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    My daughter sent this to me on Facebook, she thought that this is what Ripley would have done and I totally agree. That golden looks so excited that all those other dogs left all that food for him to clean up. Lol.

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    Seen this a few times already….makes me smile…would be Carmel for sure.

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    Claudette Kinkade

    Makes me laugh each time I see it, just look at that tail wagging.

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    OH my GOODNESSSS!!!! Is that Faith, perhaps?!!! That SURE is what it was like in Obedience school when I had to do that with her! roflllllllllll!!!!

    I laughed till I had tears on that one. I felt sooooooo sorry for the little girl trying SO hard to make her Golden want to come to her.


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    I saw this on Facebook too….Murphy would have done the same thing….wondering at her good fortune with all the food and trying to gobble it before it was taken away! LOL! Must be a golden trait for sure. Loved how he gave the stuffed toy a toss….Murphy would have gone straight for the food forget the toy! Tail wagging all the time! Gotta love those goldens!

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