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    Boober just wanted to take a moment and say hello. She has now surpassed 14 years and is still going strong regardless of her nasal cancer and elevated liver enzymes. Her health took a bad turn in late August with a hair follicle tumor appearing on her muzzle, her limp forcing her to not be able to walk a block and not eating. Then mid September the total opposite occurred. Her hair follicle tumor disappeared, the huge ugly bleeding wart on her eye fell off and her limp disappeared. I truly believe she is still her today due to the immune supplement that she’s been on since her nasal cancer diagnosis in March 2013. From what I read it said that things would have to get worse before they got better and that seems to be what exactly has happened. Also her incontinence that she had has totally disappeared since Sept.

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    Way too go Boober.. Have been wondering how she was doing. But thought no news was good news. It just wonderful how little supplement can do wonders.

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    That immune supplement has certainly has done it’s job! You keep going Boober girl, we love good reports like these.

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    Claudette Kinkade

    Way to go Boober – such wonderful news. You are one special girl, love you.

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    Awww, such good news! Well done Boober, we know you have the best Mom and she has taken such good care of you! You are one special fur baby!

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    Good job Boober!!! You look quite comfy sunning your belly!

    Thanks for the update Sue – it’s great news.

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    Good job Boober. You look so comfy sleeping on you snowman.

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    Wonderful update. Boober is a very strong girl and pretty too of course!

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    Wonderful news to hear. Hugs to her (and Nelson too)!

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    Cathy DW

    We get it, Boober is Golden speak for miracle. So glad she’s doing well Sue. Our best to her, Nelson and you.

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