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Hoover – (April 11, 1994 – August 27, 2007)

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    Lisa Schuyler

    Our golden boy was born in Maine, not only did he enjoy traveling and running on the beach but delighted in greeting the guests at the hotel and then later on at the studio. When he turned seven years old, we relocated to northern Canada. Our crosscountry flight was quite an event for Hoover, as a living assistance dog he boarded the plane and stay by my feet for the whole trip. What a traveler he had become! During our first year in the north he adjusted well to the cold climate and long winters by the fireplace. As he got older he continued to look forward to strolls in the snow and long afternoon naps in the Alberta sunshine. Then he unexpectedly was diagnosed with Cushing Disease and the illness took its toll on him. We kept our promise….when he grew frail and weak and pain kept him from sleep, we did what must be done. We stayed with him till the end to make sure he was free of pain and ended the suffering for a battle that couldn’t be won. Rest in peace my friend, we’ll meet again on rainbow bridge.
    Hoover, we’re thankful for the love and laughter you gave us over the 13+ years. For all these reasons and so many more, our hearts are heavy. You were a presence in our home and now you are gone. From the grunts in your sleep, running after a ball and providing us with comfort as you snuggled like a velcro, the memories that we have will forever be treasured.
    Thanks so much for being a part of our lives, we’re grateful for your love, loyalty and companionship, it was an honor and a privilege. You were the most incredible dog with the sweetest personality. Everyone who met you, fell in love with you. You were beautiful inside & out. You will be spoken of often and always with a smile or a laugh.
    Hoover, you were and will always be loved so very much.
    Gone forever, but forever loved…..
    Love, Mommy, Daddy and Charlotte


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    Claudette Kinkade

    It is so special that you had Hoover for over thirteen years and what love he brought to all of you. I know how much you are missing him but you did what was necessary for him. It sure sounds like he had a wonderful life with you, and yes you will meet up with Hoover at the Rainbow Bridge some day. He was a special boy.

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    Thank you so very much for your kind words. Greatly appreciated

    I got a chance to browse Jake’s photo album….he’s quite handsome in the pictures, espcially the one where he’s standing outside the door and wants to come in….I really enjoyed that one! Thanks for sharing.

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    What a beautiful tribute to Hoover. He was obviously loved very much.

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