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    This is what we are dealing with. Of course they pop up on the weekend, and spread like wild fire….so we made a trip to the emergency vet clinic on Sunday. I took this picture this morning, and as awful as this looks…it looked worse on Sunday.

    Spirit had a fever too, and I just didn’t want to wait till Monday morning to get her into our regular vet. So they shaved her face, which she hated…but tolerated because the vet was so good with her, gave her a shot in the butt, 2 different kinds of pills to take for the next 10 days, and some liquid drops for me to put on it.

    Today it seems to be drying out and starting to scab over. I think it got so bad because it is under her ear, and her ear flap hangs over it…keeping the moisture in. Poor Spirit has not been a happy camper. This one is going to take a while to heal completely I think 🙁

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    Oh Nancy!! Poor Spirit!! That looks so very painful. I have only seen hot spots on Faith on her feet/legs where she licks. I didn’t know they could form just from being in an area less exposed to air.

    What caused her to have a fever? Just the stress of the hot spot being painful? Or was it infected as well? My vet gave me something called “Topagen Spray” which I spray on Faith’s hot spots and they clear up pretty fast — if I catch them really early. It is an antibiotic spray and also quells the pain/itch so they don’t bug at it.

    Here’s thinking REAL good thoughts that Spirit will heal up quickly. Soon will come the tricky part – when she’s itchy and wanting to scratch the healing wound. Might be cone time soon, eh? Poor Spirit.


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    Poor Spirit. Dam floppy ears! Tango used to get them regularly under the ear but Nelson never has. Maybe because he doesn’t go in the water and get wet. Hopefully that clears up soon as it looks very sore 🙁

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    I can sympathize. Jackson had a nasty one last summer, it just seemed to pop up out of nowhere behind his ear. We trimmed away as much of the fur as possible cleaned it and used some peroxide on it but like Spirit’s it was so ugly that I took Jackson to the vet to get it treated. He is in the water a lot so this summer I am making sure that his ears are well trimmed and have stripped out as much under coat as possible. Fingers crossed…..

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    That looks so painful. Poor Spirit…we hope the pills and medicine work fast! It sounds like they are working if it already looks better today. Good luck with your patient.

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    Ouch poor Spirit, that looks sore. Hopefully it starts to heal quickly with the meds the vet prescribed.

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    Oh those damn hot spots. They look so bad. I really don’t understand them because they say they get them from being wet but Ripley can go swimming and not get them but if I take him to the groomers without his medicated shampoo he gets hot spots. I probably just jinxed myself oh well. Hope Spirit is feeling better soon.

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    oh, poor Spirit! That is a big hot spot. Murphy gets them too but hasn’t had one on her head. She usually gets them on her legs or belly. Hope this one clears up fast!

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    Claudette Kinkade

    So sweet Rookie and Storm want to help their big sister feel better. I know how awful those darn hot spots can be. Feel better soon, Spirit.

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    Hey Claudette. My dog developed these years ago and then I heard that it was most likely due to allergies that are in their food. Whether you choose to believe this or not is up to you. Apparently vets know this but do not usually tell their patients due to loss of revenue to related work with dogs who suffer from it. Whether or not that’s true I don’t know. Anyway, I was at wits end to help Rocky and by chance I was in my local post office and heard this woman praising a dog food for curing her dog. I didn’t care if it sounded stupid or not I was willing to try. I switched my dog to this more expensive food that doesn’t contain wheat or corn meal or any kind of trace amounts of these 2, though I think it was more likely corn not the wheat. I’ve heard since that a large percentage of dogs are allergic to corn. Anyway, within 6 weeks of switching to this food all of Rocky’s hot spots dried up And he never had the problem again during his 14 years of life. I was astounded and wrote the company to tell them, but they already knew this would happen and it turns out that many of their customers choose their food to solve the problem of hot spots. The food is made by Nutro and they have both a lamb (dark green) and a chicken rice combo lite green) (dry kibble food) that has no wheat or corn meal, but check the bags ingredients because some of their other flavors do for those dogs who don’t suffer from hot spots. I couldn’t believe the change in him after they were gone…his entire personality changed as he became a happier boy who was no longer agitated. I was really pissed that dog food companies put corn and wheat into their products but I guess if dogs don’t suffer from hot spots then it doesn’t matter. It’s an easy way to try an fix his problem so you have nothing to lose. If it works then you will be that much happier. Give it a try if you haven’t heard of this. I did and it changed my dog’s life forever. Glenn Barr

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    How is Spirit’s hot spot doing? Did she get to avoid the “cone of shame” while healing? I hope she’s much better by now!


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    Spirit’s hot spot is all cleared up, and the fur on her face growing back. All is back to normal, thank goodness.

    I very much doubt her hot spot was caused by a food allergy…all 3 of my Goldens are on grain free food. I actually think this may have started out as an insect bite, spider maybe, that she scratched at and it became infected.

    Maureen, I do have a cone….but Spirit gets so stressed out when I put it on her…to the point where she just can’t stay still….so I had a few sleepless nights watching over her to make sure she didn’t scratch at her face!

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    Glad to hear the hot spot has healed. Going to try very hard this summer to not get any on Carmel…she had about 4 last summer/fall….but as bad as Spirits was.

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    Maureen, Spirit had a fever because of the infection. Today it looks a bit better. It seems to be drying out and forming a scab around the outer edge. Trying to keep her ear flap off it is a real pain. Wish I could just take a clothes pin and pin her ears back!!

    I’m not sure why this one started, she hasn’t been swimming. I’m wondering if maybe it was a bug bite, or spider bite that she scratched at and it got infected. She has had hot spots before, but never this bad.

    Rookie and Storm both want to help….so I have to stop them from trying to lick it. It’s been a rough couple of days in Goldenville

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