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How do i stop Hardy from carving me up in the lake?

Home Forums Training How do i stop Hardy from carving me up in the lake?

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    Hello all,

    First post here, sorry for no pic of the big guy! I’m a very proud owner of a 16 month old Golden named Hardy. Having a weird thing happening when we go swimming together. When i jump in the lake at the cottage, Hardy will do anything to swim to me but is literally scratching me nonstop to the point where it really hurts and is trying to grab my hand/wrists with his teeth and drag me in. It’s almost as if he thinks i can’t swim and is trying to save me (my only theory). Has anyone had any similar experiences with this? I’d like to nip it in the bud while he’s still young. He loves the water, but I look like Edward Scissorhands took a run at me!! Thanks in advance!!

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    I do not have any advice to stop it. But it usually is a case of hyperness, tiredness or lack of confidence making them want to use you as a rest stop. Maci will wrap her legs around my arm or body like she is clinging to a pole. But she lacks confidence. Harley did the land shark nipping when he was young cause he was so excited.

    I guess you would need to be consistent in asking for space, training ‘off’ and just make sure he has something else to have in his mouth.

    Now I just do not go swimming with them. If I do go in the water a bit, I make sure hubby is keeping them busy fetching.

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    I have not had a problem with Ripley but we usually take him out on a long leash first then let him go for a bit, dont know if you want to try that. Hardy might feel like your ok if you start out with him by your side.

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    Had this problem with Carmel, but as she got older it stopped, cause she prefers to just fetch now. Is Hardy fetching? get something that floats and have him retreive till he is tired out. There is lots of good water retreiving toys out there. Goldens are meant to retrieve in the water. Start out throwing not too far and work your way up to as far as you can throw. I’m sure that’s what stopped Carmel…now if I could get her to stop on land as easy, then she would be perfect…

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone! Hardy does ALOT of fetching. We’re lucky enough to have an off leash beach near home so there’s alot of time spent there in the summer. The problem stems from deep water (off dock) when I decide to swim. As soon as it’s shallow enough for me to stand he completely backs off, so I really do think he thinks he’s trying to save me. Will start with some simple off commands and go from there. Will keep you posted, Thanks!

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