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How many pets do you have?!

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    We currently have Rylee and 2 cats (15 and 8? He was a stray). We now have the little guy Craig found freezing on the road. We can’t seem to find a home for him, we are all getting attached and are debating whether to just keep him. But that would give us 3 cats!

    Just thought I’d poll the gang to see how many pets you all have…

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    We have 2 dogs. Ripley and Ruby who is my daughters dogs that we get to keep while she is away at school and I also have a cat that is 11 and hates the dogs so we never see her except to and feed her.

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    Kiwi is a singleton…no other pets since our Chinchilla died 2 1/2 years ago.

    I think little kitty found the perfect home with you, Craig and Rylee if you decide to keep him. Does he have a name yet? You know once you give him a name, it’s official that he can’t leave 😉

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    Christine – no name yet. We are thinking Gerry but we want something that matches Kiwi for his new forever home with her ;). Kiwi deserves a sibling like Maddie did. And this guy LOVES goldens!!!

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    Lisa Schuyler

    One dog, Monty, and two cats, Zeus and Sally.
    3 cats probably aren’t much different than 2 cats are they? 🙂

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    @lynne 63191 wrote:

    Christine – no name yet. We are thinking Gerry but we want something that matches Kiwi for his new forever home with her ;). Kiwi deserves a sibling like Maddie did. And this guy LOVES goldens!!!

    Jarrod is allergic to cats, although he did grow up with a Siamese that lived to 18…his immunity isn’t so good now. I have no doubt Kiwi would love a playful kitten, she always tries to visit with 2 that live on the next street.

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    That’s the other problem – Craig is also allergic to cats although not severe.

    Lisa – that’s the reason that I started this thread, are 3 way more work than 2? I’m feeling overwhelmed right now and know that now is the time to adopt him out (while he’s young and cute).

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    scot girl

    We have our Golden Boy Zeus, a dwarf bunny named Marbles and two Goldfish. Zeus will be three in Feb, Marbles is 6 and we have had the fish for five years, quite an assortment of critters here.:dog:

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    the zoo is pretty full here! We have two big kitties named George, and Boris. Boris is a purebred Maine coon and is the largest breed of domestic cat, so he’s easily 20lbs and not overweight! George is probably 14-15lbs himself and we saved him from a barn! Then the two dogs! Everybody gets along famously – and enjoys each others company. We sometimes bring Darryl home, the kitty that lives at the kennel I work at, so it can get pretty packed down here, but really one more cat after you have 2 is nothing! 🙂 I have a feeling if our place was bigger we’d have another dog or cat… LOL Personally I love surrounding myself with animals, they make me happy, I’m a pretty simple girl at heart. Also, I’d like to mention… we don’t have children yet, so I’m sure that plays a huge part both financially and time management wise for pets!

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    Lisa Schuyler

    I’ve never had 3 cats so I can’t comment on the workload. I never planned to have more than one, but sometimes when a cute fluffy calico kitten pokes her head up between your outside steps you can’t help yourself. Having two cats has been a lot easier than having 2 dogs.

    I’m allergic to cats too. I’m far more allergic to Zeus, who is a shorthaired male cat than the longhaired Sally. My eye dr. gave me a prescription for an eye drop because I have a tendency to love all over Zeus and then touch or rub my eyes. The eye drop almost instantly stops me from wanted to rub and claw my itchy eye out.

    When I caught Sally, I also caught her litter mate. They were wild outdoor kitties who were just weened and were on their own as winter approached. After spending about 6 weeks working towards taming them, I easily found him a home, probably because he was a kitten and cute. So you do have a good point that now might be the easiest time to find him a home. I used Kijiji to find him a home. I had a lot of interest and deleted most of them until one home felt right. There was something about Sally that I just couldn’t part with. It sounds weird, but she is soooo much like Surf, one of my previous goldens, sometimes I swear she is a reincarnation.

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    I have 2 dogs :

    Faith – Golden Retriever 3.5 yrs & Haven – Cavalier mix 1.5 yrs

    and 2 cats:

    Othello who we call “Tello” is a polydactyl and he’s 11 yrs old & barn-cat Brooke who is 9 yrs old.

    I tried and tried to get  pictures to post, but I can’t figure it out. Ah well.


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    4 dogs. 1 baby golden, 1 baby black lab, 1 Cockapoo and 1 Shitzu and they all keep me on my toes, especially the young ones.

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    Jersey – 4 yr old golden
    Tiny – 12 yr old tabby
    Lucy – 2 yr old orange tabby
    Love them all to pieces 🙂

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