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      Good afternoon Golden parents. I have just rejoined the site after a lengthy absence from CGR … since it had been so long since I was on it I couldn’t recall my password.
      My dogs were Cooper and Barclay for those of you who were on the site 7 or so years ago. We lost our Barclay to cancer a week ago at the age of 9. I came back onto the site more for therapeutic reasons than anything. Just trying to deal with this any way that I can.


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      Hello Karen and welcome back,

      I do remember your dogs–I am so sorry to hear of Barclay’s passing. So sad and I know how hard it is. Not sure if you remember me from back then—I had Bailey then and Shiloh would just have been a puppy. Bailey went to the bridge 5 years ago. Shiloh is 8 now and I have Spirit who is 5 and Rookie just turned 2.

      This is still a great site with wonderful people. Again, I am sorry for your loss….

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      Welcome Karen, so sorry about your recent loss.

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      Hello and welcome back. I was a member way back when so do remember you. Sorry to hear you’ve lost Barclay and wish it were different circumstances that were bringing you back. I lost Maddie earlier this year to cancer, she had just turned 10 yrs old 2 weeks before we lost her.

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      Cathy DW

      Karen, welcome back despite the sad circumstances. Like the others I too lost a wonderful dog 7 years ago. My Golden Girls, Sunshine and Gemma, keep my spirits high.

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      Claudette Kinkade

      Hi Karen, Welcome back, I am so sorry about Barclay. I know how difficult it is to lose our furkids. I have Jake, he is seven years old. We are all here for you.

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      First of all, I am so sorry for your loss.

      Like you, I was a member of the forum about 8 to 10 years ago when we got our first golden (and I do remember hearing tales of Barclay). Back then I think my username was goldengirl and I think I had nicknamed Kira “Rhett” I guess to protect our privacy?!? Anyway, I had stopped using the forum when Kira grew up and stopped causing problems but, we lost her suddenly in the summer of 2010 and I just had to come back to the site for support.

      We are all here for you and would like to see pictures of the dogs when you feel up to it. Take care.

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      Thanks to you all for your condolenses. It is nice to be able to share with others that truly understand the loss that is experienced when you lose such a beloved pet. I am sure that many of my coworkers (the “non” pet owners) think I have lost my marbles! Sometimes I feel like I have. More tears have been shed over this dog than any human we have ever lost … I am not proud of that fact, but that’s just the way it is. My Cooper who is now 7 is my salvation at this time. I will post a pic of Cooper later as well.
      I do remember many of your names (moreso from the Pet names) from back when I was dealing with those fun puppy years with both Barclay and Cooper. Glad to see you are still on the site.
      Thanks again, feels good to be chatting with y’all.

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      So sorry for your loss Karen. I did not know you then but I remember Barclay and Cooper from searching the archives learning about how to deal with my first golden.

      Glad you are back – this forum is great for anything you may need to get through this awful time.

      Tammy, Maci and Harley

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      @kobkob1 59567 wrote:

      More tears have been shed over this dog than any human we have ever lost … I am not proud of that fact, but that’s just the way it is. My Cooper who is now 7 is my salvation at this time

      Oh I totally understand this, In fact I know I posted something like this on the old forum when I lost Bailey. Losing her just shattered me—-more than anything else in life I had ever been through. If not for the good people here & having Shiloh, I think I would have lost my mind. These dogs are so much more than just ‘pets’ They become family and such a big part of our lives, and it’s just breaks our hearts to lose them. Sending you big hugs…..

      I’d love to see some pics of both Barclay & Cooper

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      I’m another one who shed more tears than I thought were humanly possible when we lost Maddie in May. I had time to prepare, knowing we were going to lose her at some point to this horrible cancer but when that day suddenly arrived without warning, I realized nothing really could have prepared me for that heartache. Only other dog lovers can understand and you’ve got a great group here!

      Please do share some pictures when you can…

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      Thanks for sharing … it helps more than you know (although I guess you do know having been through this). I managed to post a few pics in an album (took me an hour – not very techno savy). Hope it worked. The site is quite different than I remember. There used to be a everchanging slideshow if I remember correctly every time you refreshed your CGR screen you got a new doggie pic.

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      Losing my first golden Tango was the most difficult thing that I have had to deal with and I also shed more tears than I thought were humanly possible. It will be 11 years this June since he’s been gone and I still shed tears when I think about him. He was the one that made me the golden lover that I am today.

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      Hi Sue & thanks … your Avatar looks sooo much like my Barclay!!! VERY strong resemblance!

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      Lisa Schuyler

      Welcome back Karen!!
      Sorry to hear about Barclay πŸ™ It hurts so much when they go….
      I revamped the site a couple of years back so it was more modern, and not so self-programmed, but I do miss the charm of that random photo rotator I had up in the top corner for years and years. That is neat that you remember!

      Lisa & Monty
      (Forever in my heart – Winger & Surf)

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      Claudette Kinkade

      Lisa, It was always a bonus when your own dog appeared in the top corner as you begin to add something to the site. I think it was the refresh that you hit to get a different dog to appear. I bet I wasn’t the only one that hit that several times to see if their dog would appear. I love this site, you are doing a great job with it. Thanks again.

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      LOL…. when I had quiet time at work, I used to sit and just keep hitting the refresh button watching all the great pics! Sounds like I wasn’t the only one doing this! Still love the site regardless of the format & the great golden parents with their words of support and wisdom.

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      Hey Karen, I see you are from Mississauga — that’s where the breeder is, where I got my puppy! I am fairly close, in St. Catharines. πŸ™‚

      Just wanted to wave at you, as you are practically a neighbor! Wavingguy.gif


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      Welcome back Karen. I’m sure you will find the support you need here.

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      Welcome back – I was here back in the day too – I loved the random pic generator too – never saw Oisin on it but always interesting.

      Here is the best place you can come for support – when we lost Oisin a while back this is the 1st place I came – then when the new puppy came (who’ll be three in January – where did that time go?) I came here too.

      Take care

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