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Interesting Weekend!

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    Our homestay student had a little adopted kitten she got before she knew she would be moving in with us. It was four months old. Well, we cannot have cats here, we are all three myself, husband and son allergic to cats. I was so sorry to tell her that and SO sorry that she would have to give up her little one so last week I got to work to find an acceptable home. I did not want to go to the humane society here and neither did she. No real reason just they have way too many cats and they always end up over whelmed by the numbers. So I put out an ad and ended up getting seven replies in one day!! I did seven interviews and went out to visit a lovely lady and her family in Tamworth. Yes, with the cat..hubby and I were on Claritin the whole day…it’s worked out GREAT and I’m so happy about that! So is my home stay student. In fact the adopter has called and written twice since they got the kitten to update us in just one week. I know little Mio found the right home.

    THEN on Saturday last week some man on Kijiji posted that he had been diagnosed with cancer and needed to rehome his seven year old lab. I told him about lab rescue, and then directed them to his ad. They wrote me back to say “good work” They are taking on the lab and is is REMOVED from kijiji! I just HATED to see a seven year old from a good family go on Kijiji! SO twice in one week quite unexpectedly I got to place two pets.

    Quite a week really…AND my home stay student IS invited to visit her Mio any time at the new owners house or write or call so she’s happy too. And I don’t feel so bad about her having to give up her little four month old kitten.

    I think it’s just interesting how these situations just seem to come to us sometimes.

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    That is wonderful. I do that sometimes too…email people on Kijiji and let them know of the breed rescues in AB.

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    @cheslyn1 61075 wrote:

    That is wonderful. I do that sometimes too…email people on Kijiji and let them know of the breed rescues in AB.

    I am so glad to know that you do! If I see a purebred on petfinder not attached to a breed rescue I always alert them when I can and the same with kijiji. Usually, I don’t get to find out if it worked out but, this time I did! Good for you cheslyn, glad to know you are doing this too. 🙂

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