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Jake went to the Rainbow Bridge today.

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      Claudette Kinkade

      After all the vet visits in late June and all of July my beautiful boy Jake has gone to the “Rainbow Bridge” this morning. He was met my his master and his brother, Benny I am sure. It’s been a painful last six weeks, many vet appointments, tests, etc but it did not help Jake. He put up a great battle right to the end. Last night was so stressful I promised him he would not have to go through another day like that. I called the vet at 8 a.m. this morning and he came to the house at 10:30 a.m. and put my wonderful boy to sleep. It was very peaceful and I knew he was no longer hurting. I miss him so much, the house is so empty and quiet. Jake was 9 years, 4 months old and I cannot believe he is no longer here with me.

      This is the last picture I took of him.


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      Oh Claudette, I am so very sorry for your loss! I was wondering, since I hadn’t seen you post for guite a while how Jake was doing. I know exactly what you are going through, since I just lost my Miss Molly. Don’t be afraid to cry, these dogs, become members of our families, and we should be allowed to grieve as such. I find that I will have tears in my eyes at the strangest of times, because something will remind me of Miss Molly, and I realize that she is no longer here. Jake is in a better place now, probably loving up your late husband. Take Care of yourself, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
      “Emma & Sophia”

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      Oh dear – so sorry to hear this. You are in our thoughts, please feel free to ‘talk’ whatever and whenever you need to. He is going to be so missed but can please take it to heart that he is in a better place and left feeling all your love.

      Rest in peace handsome!

      Tammy, Harley and Maci

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      Oh Claudette! I read your title and just kept saying, “No…….no…. not Jake……” I didn’t know he was that sick, and I feel shocked to learn that you have lost your Gentleman Jake. I’m so sorry, Claudette!!!! 🙁 He’s been your companion for so long – what a loving and sweet dog he has been for you. And you are such a loving owner for Jake, knowing that it was time for you to give him the peace that his body needed. Goodness, I feel so close to tears – Jake was always there with you, after you suffered the loss of your husband. Are you okay??

      My thoughts and prayers will be with you, Claudette, while you grieve. I hope you will come and talk (when you are able) and know that we’re all here for you. Again, I’m really sorry for your loss. Jake was your boy. And what a spectacular boy he was. Rambunctious as a puppy, needing to have his heavy rear-end lifted into the car, haha, and as an adult, just a solid companion for you and a gentle giant for your Granddaughter. Just a wonderful, wonderful boy.


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      Oh Claudette, I read the title of your post and my heart sank. I am in tears and so very, very sorry for your loss. While no words can ease your pain, you know that we are here for you and so many of us have been there before and understand the heartbreak you are going through. You & I have been on this board together for such a long time and I felt like Jake was part of my family too.

      Big hugs for you Claudette, Jake was such a beautiful boy. He will always be watching over you. Again, I’m just so sorry for your loss

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      Oh. I’m so sorry Claudette…been wondering how he was doing…..Run free at the Rainbow Bridge Jake……can’t stop crying….Thinking of you and sending HUGS across the miles…

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      Oh my gosh Claudette, I’m so unbelievably sorry to hear that Jake is gone.

      He was such a special boy and loved by everyone here on this forum although we never got a chance to meet him in person.

      You gave him the most selfless gift yesterday, the most difficult choice we have to make as dog owners and dog lovers, a release from what ailed him.

      Tears are falling here for you and I’m sending hugs your way, I’m so sorry

      Rest in peace handsome Jake

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      Nothing could’ve shocked me more than reading this post this morning. Claudette I am so sorry for your loss. You made the ultimate sacrifice for Jake yesterday and we know that it’s never easy but you gave him time and tried what you could.

      I am in tears also – having never met Jake I somehow feel like I did know him. I think paws down he will be known as one of the few goldens to always look like he just walked out of the groomers! We are sharing in your loss and will keep you in our thoughts as the next few days with all the firsts without him by your side will be hard.

      Sending hugs your way and please stay in touch.

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      I’m just reading this now and I’m in shock! Claudette I don’t know what to say I am so so sorry. I can’t put into words how shocking this news is. My heart goes out to you. You gave Jake the most wonderful life ever. If I can do anything please let me know. Rest in peace sweet Jake.

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      Lisa Schuyler

      Oh no! Not Jake!
      I’m so sorry Claudette!

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      nooooooooooo 🙁 I am just in tears reading this. My heart breaks for you and your family Claudette… I’m sure you did the best thing needed – and Jake is in a better place running at the bridge…. sweet Jake RIP…. this past July 26th was the 2nd anniversary of my Molly passing….. never gets easier and you seem to miss them more and more……so sad.

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      Dear Claudette, I was so sorry and saddened to hear about your beautiful boy, Jake.  Your post made me cry – both for the loss of Jake as your bravery in letting him go.  The picture you posted captures the very essence of Jake and all Goldens – beautiful, sweet, loving and cherished.

      I am sorry your house is so quiet but your heart will always be full of memories of your very special boy.



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      Claudette just wanted to post to let you know that you’ve never been far from my thoughts these last few days.


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      we are so sorry to hear about your beautiful boy Jake. We are heartbroken for you. I know nothing we can say can help at this time but you are in our prayers and thoughts.
      I am sure that the many (too many) Goldens from this wonderful community who are already at the bridge are there playing with Jake and keeping him company. I know our Oisin will be there chasing his own tail and being the goof he was before he got ill.
      Sending you our deepest condolences at this sad time.
      Please take care.

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      I am just checking in to the site for the first time in awhile and this is the first thing I see and I am sitting here with tears running down my cheeks. I feel so sorry for you and know your emptiness. I hope my Chet is up there playing with Jake and having a blast with all the other goldens. Just know I am thinking of you and again so sorry.

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      Claudette Kinkade

      I want to thank all of you for your kind words, it means so much to me.

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      Cathy DW

      Claudette I have just returned to the site after the upgrade and I was so saddened to learn about Jake’s passing.  I will miss his glorious presence on this site.  Please know that my thoughts are with you.  Take comfort in all the wonderful memories he shared with you.

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      Claudette, I am so sorry to hear about Jake. He was a very handsome boy! I know this is a very hard time for you and you will be in our thoughts.


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      scot girl

      Dear Claudette,


      I have not checked in here for a while and now I am wishing I had not checked today, I am shocked and deeply saddened to hear about your boy Jake.  Please take comfort in knowing you loved and were loved by such a beautiful soul.  Thinking of you.


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      So sorry to hear of Jake’s passing.  He was a regular here on the site and he will be surely missed. Spend your time thinking of all the good times you spent with your boy. These dogs teach us so many lessons about life.

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      I haven’t been to the site for a while and I’m so saddened by this news.  I hope you are able to find comfort in all the wonderful memories, and the knowledge that he touched so many peoples lives, even if they never met him in person.


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      Haven’t been on here for a while. Claudette, I’m so sorry to read this. Hugs for you. He was such a beautiful golden. In tears here.
      My sincere condolences.

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      Sandra Lebed

      I am so sorry to hear of Jake’s passing. From all your posts throughout the years Jake seemed like a true gentleman and the epitome of our lovely Goldens. He is no longer in pain and that alone should be some consolation for you. I know there is a huge void in your life right now, but you have many beautiful memories of your wonderful Jake.

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