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Kiwi certified in wintergreen and pine

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    We’ve been taking sport detection classes with Kiwi for fun for about 5 months or so. It’s very new here in MB, although way more popular and established in BC, AB and ON. This weekend we had a workshop and had the opportunity to take DOTs (designated odour tests) for the scents we’ve been working on. Basically what the test involves is 15 containers set up in 3 rows, the dog/handler team has 3 minutes to work the containers and then when the dog thinks it’s found the 1 container with the scent it will give whatever indication that particular dog uses to the handler who calls out “alert”. You have 1 chance to call alert, if the dog is correct you pass, if not it’s a fail. Kiwi tested for wintergreen and pine and passed both. She really has fun doing it. We’re just at the starter level and there are 3 other levels after this as well as trials etc. Not sure how far we’ll keep going with it but it’s fun for her. Here’s the video of her and Jarrod taking the pine test, she went off track a couple times but luckily went back to searching.

    I joked to Lynne yesterday that we were proud of our “kid” and I guess were feeling the equivalent of what human parents must feel like when their kid does something well at school 🙂

    I’ve also attached one of Kiwi and her boyfriend Arran from her class. He is such a sweet boy and they are so cute together. I sat on the sofa and he just climbed across me and was giving me kisses, his Mom says he’s a big lap dog.

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    Good work Kiwi! You sure have a very handsome boyfriend…and its nice you share mommy with him, and don’t get jealous when he kisses her.

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    Congratulations Kiwi!!!!! Your boyfriend is pretty cute…at first I thought it was Connor. Keep up the good work!

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    Good work Kiwi and although it is nice that you have a very handsome boyfriend don’t let him distract you and all your hard work😀 just kidding have as much fun with everything you are doing.

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    Wow you must be so proud of Kiwi…impressive. I wish we had that kind of stuff around here for Nelson to do. You look good with 2 dogs Christine 🙂

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    Congrats Kiwi! Definitely something you like doing because look at that tail go!

    PS- handsome boyfriend


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    Claudette Kinkade

    Way to go Kiwi! You sure do look like you are having fun. Mom and Dad are very proud of you – keep up the good work.

    The picture with your ribbons is adorable – I love the expression on your face.

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