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Kiwi & snow scoop video

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    We bought a snow scoop and today was the first time Kiwi had seen it. She wasn’t quite sure what to make of it and it was comical to watch.

    The amount of snow in our yard this winter is crazy, Jarrod has snowblowed a figure 8 track for Kiwi and when we get her going she just races around and around the track, but of course wouldn’t do it today when we wanted to video it so this is the next best thing:

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    Oh that’s so cute!!! hahahaha Love the figure 8-run she has!! We do NOT have that much snow here! Gosh, we can see grass in some areas now — it’s raining today.

    Kiwi looked like she wanted to hang with Jarrod, but not enough to brave the big black thing he was pushing around, heehee. Very cute. At least she got out a lot of her excess energies running around like that, lol.


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    Video is unavailable…

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    Got it! That’s a pretty brave dog you got there!!!!! Rylee was watching her with her nose pressed up against the screen. That is a lot of snow for snowfall. We have 5 foot high drifts in the yard cause we get more blowing snow than snowfall out in the open!

    Cute video Kiwi!!!

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    Super cute. So great that you have given her a track to race on. My yard looks like I have a heard of cattle at the north end and drifts higher than Tanner at the south.

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    Really cute Kiwi! Do you think she was afraid of the new shovel or wanted to play. Watched the video clip on the laptop last evening, Carmel ears picked up when she heard Kiwi barking, but wasn’t interested in coming and watching. Too comfy by the wood stove. Carmel loves snow being thrown at her…barks and prances around.

    Nice clearing job, for her to run around in. Think ours would like that. They have forged trails to the back in a few areas, otherwise the snow is untouched except right at the back of the deck. We had lowered the water in the pool at least 2 feet and the snow is almost up to the top rail.

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    Oh Kiwi your such a big Chicken 🙂 So, so cute! We have those exact same paths around our yard.

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    Went out yesterday in the back yard, with the girls for a while, was a really nice afternoon out. Checked the pool, the snow actually is a foot over the top rail…don’t know where its all going to go this year.

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    Claudette Kinkade

    I just saw the video for the first time tonight, Kiwi sure got her exercise in, which is good. She is so pretty and I am sure she did enjoy the fun too.

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