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Kiwi sportin' her new winter coat

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    We got a coat for Kiwi to wear when she’s coming home from her swim sessions this winter. It’s made by a company that makes horse blankets. I was prepared to order online from their Mississauga store then found out they have a local store here. It was very reasonably priced ($36.99) compared to others I had looked at and I think she looks very cute in her coat, although by the look on her face I’m not quite sure she agrees with me

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    • This topic was modified 5 years, 8 months ago by  Mom2Maddie.
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    Looking good Kiwi!! Love the color on her. She will appreciate it now that it looks like winter has found us!

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    OH she looks GORGEOUS!! Love the style of coat! That’s what I made for Haven too – it’s simple to get on, and not too restricting for them.


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    Kiwi is quite the fashion plate, isn’t she? I agree about the look on her face, though. It looks like she’s thinking, “Is this exchangeable? I haven’t even taken off the tags.” LOL.

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    I am sure she is going to like her pretty coat when she starts to get all the oooh’s and aaaw’s when she is out walking. She looks so pretty in her coat.

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    Cathy DW

    She’s such a trend-setter that Kiwi and I’m sure after time in the pool, she will definitely appreciate the warmth of such a chic coat.

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    Too funny! Was at a horse/tack type store here in Calgary a week ago looking for a lunge line and they had a corner for dog stuff too. And had these coats. We would have them too if I did not have too many coats already!

    Do not worry – when she realizes she is going to the pool or a walk she will not even notice she has it on. But do tell her she is very pretty in it!

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    She looks beautiful! I love the coat and am now thinking I should get my girl one too!

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    Claudette Kinkade

    Kiwi, you look so cute and I love the color on you. Perfect for coming home from swim lesson.

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    Awesome coat Kiwi….lovely colors, you look great in it. And will be so warm after those swimming lessons…

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    Kiwi says thank you for the nice comments about her coat. I’ve reassured her she only has to wear it after swimming and when it’s really, really cold out.

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