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Looking for an adult Golden companion

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    Bonnie K

    Just wondering if anyone knows of an active, adult Golden who needs a really good home. Golden Rescue in Ontario currently has 1,000 applications and the other rescues I have contacted also have no dogs, a waiting list, or will not send a dog to Toronto. I’ve lived with 8 Goldens since 1976 and currently have a rescue adopted from the Toronto Humane Society (sheer luck that I found a Golden there). He is an old guy now (they say he’s 16, but I doubt it). Anyway, he prefers spending his time lounging in the sun and waiting for his next meal (he’s Golden, after all). I’m looking for a dog to hike and swim with me – and possibly qualify to be a therapy dog, as my last 4 Goldens have been. Is there perhaps a breeder that has a dog retired from breeding or competition that needs a good home? Or someone who has to, sadly, rehome their dog?

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