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Lump on top of head

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    I was hoping someone had some encouraging words. Our golden Tessa who turned 3 last June is going in on Wednesday morning for a Lumpectomy. She has had this lump on her head for quite a while now. It has been growing in size, however very slowly. We opted to have a needle biopsy done when we first noticed it, the vet said it is just a fatty deposit and nothing to worry about. But since that day there is not a day that goes by that I do not think about it. We lost our first golden at the age of 5 months from SAS so I am super careful about all lumps and bumps on my girl.]
    We had to take her in to the vet for a cut pad and that vet noticed the lump and said if we are that concerned by it we should just remove it and be done with it. So we opted to go for it. She said that eventually the cyst will rupture and heal then start to regrow again.. so it will always be there until it is removed. We thought we should wait to put her under anesthetic until there was more things to do (like teeth cleaning etc) however her teeth are perfect… so there’s nothing else to do. We did all the tests (blood & urine) to make sure she was ok for anesthesia.
    Has anyone else be through this type of thing with there golden? I will keep you posted.

    Susanne & Tessa

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    I can certainly feel for you Susanne as it seems all I’m doing these days is checking for lumps and bumps on Maddie (now 8 1/2). I should be drawing a road map to keep track of the ones I’ve already had the vet check. They are very worrisome. I’m sorry that your Tessa has one at such a young age but having it removed should hopefully do the job so you won’t need to worry about it anymore.

    Sending lots of good thoughts for Tessa (and you too!) on Wednesday.

    Please do let us know how everything goes.

    Christine & Maddie

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    Hello Susanne,

    I don’t know if this will be encouraging or not! My golden does not have cysts…but I do! In my family some of us are plagued by sebaceous cysts, which sound similar to what Tessa has. Periodically I have some removed, and sometimes they come back, and grow very slowly until I get them removed again. They are harmless, just a nuisance, and on the head, just like Tessa. I know you are worried, but I feel if the vet thinks it’s a cyst, then it’s a cyst. If your vet is positive that is what it is, then it would likely be fine to wait for some other reason for anesthesia. Of course, there may never be another reason. In any event, try not to worry.


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    Lisa Schuyler

    You are definitely doing the right thing having it removed.

    Winger had a lump on his head for years that vets said was harmless and was just a cyst.

    Well it wasn’t, and it should have been removed long before it ruptured. It turned out to be mast cell cancer.

    I’m glad your vet did a needle biopsy to check out the lump and you will feel better after it is gone. Best wishes for tomorrow!

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    I spend 3 weeks trying to determine the best thing to do for Harley. His type of lump in some dogs would go away forever but others would need to be removed. His did not even get smaller with the drugs etc or I would have left if for a long time but it would have been a chance as the vet told us about it rupturing too. It comes down to you, your dog, time and trying to predict the future a bit.

    I hope things go well for you – the lump being on the head is way more scarier. But removing it would give you peace of mind.


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    I agree with Lisa–you are doing the right thing by having it removed. When Bailey got older she developed a few lumps. Not cancer thankfully, and because of her age I was worried about the anesthetic. But they did burst and took forever to heal. Only to grow back and burst again. We finally opted to have them removed and I was a nervous wreck for sure. It was a rough few days for her but she did recover very well.
    Fingers and paws crossed for you & Tessa—I’m sure she will be fine. Keep us posted.

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    Oh the lumps. My first dog Jackson had a couple of lumps that I also got biopsed even though the vet felt they were nothing but fatty deposits. They all were that but I would not have slept well without checking. I’m sure it will go smoothly. Lots of good thoughts and prayers heading your way.

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