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Maci's Wait for Surgery

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    So rare when I can get on the website from work and never have time at home! Glad everyone is doing well and planning a party in Winnipeg.

    Nothing very new here until a week ago – Maci went to start running and after the first step came up lame and crying. Spacey Maci made it almost to 9 before blowing one of her bad knees. So we are waiting for our vet to move into the new office and come back from vacation for a cruciate ligament surgery.

    She is on very limited activity right now – we help her up the stairs, no walks other than the backyard, no playing tug with Jigar. Most days she does not even want to so that helps. She is on a diet (thank you vet for taking Scott to task for that issue!) and limited pain meds. Post surgery planning is in the works —rearranging the living room as she will be living there (not be doing stairs) and storing toys that always seem to start a tug match.

    Super sad my girl will not be quading, swimming or bossing around all the boy dogs at the campground but fingers crossed she bounces back healthy!

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