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    Lisa Schuyler
    Keymaster is about to undergo a MAJOR update.

    As one of the first comprehensive Golden Retriever websites on the Internet, certainly within Canada, this website is now over 10 years old and is too dated!

    I`ve updated the look a few times over the years, but it is really overdue for a complete overhaul.

    New features will include:

    -new message board with all the bells and whistles (and avatars!)
    -ability to comment on articles
    -ability for members to have their own blogs
    -ability for members to have their own photo albums
    -improved member profile pages
    -social groups
    -friends lists
    -private messaging

    It is no secret that this site has been neglected by me since 2005 when my world was rocked by the loss of my two golden retrievers. I was just too difficult for me to maintain this site. I thought long and hard about either turning the switch off for this site, or giving it to someone else, but there is too much of my heart put into this site to give it away. And I think shutting it down would be a great disservice to all the friendships that started here, all the new puppy owners that were helped, and for all the good and sad times we shared.

    I`m working hard on the new site and will announce a date for its unveiling soon! (hopefully in January!!)

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    I am excited to see the changes you will be making. I found this site not long after I adopted Chloe 8 years ago. I was at my wits end with her issues and came here for help and support. I got both and made some wonderful friendships along the way. Unfortunately we couldn’t work through all of Chloe’s issues and in May I had to make the awful decision to send her to the bridge. It broke my heart but in September I adopted River who has helped me heal. Because of this site I learned about Golden Rescue and have saved and fostered about 40 beautiful Goldens and helped find them find new forever homes.
    I don’t visit as often as I used to but I will keep watching for the changes.
    Thank you for this site. It is by far one of the best sites I have found for Golden lovers.

    Linda, Hunter and River

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    Claudette Kinkade

    Hi Lisa, What exciting news. I am so happy that you have decided to continue maintaining this site. I check out this site each day to see how all my golden retriever website friends are doing. I do not always comment but I sure have learned a lot this past 5 years. I will be watching for all the new features. They really sound neat. Give Monty a hug from me and Jake.

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    WooHoo Lisa!!! What fantastic news. I first want to say a big THANK YOU for not giving up on this site and the people that call it home. I have been a member since 2001 and while I do visit another Golden site occasionally I feel that this site is and always will be the place I call home–it’s definitely because of the people, a group of individuals that share a love for their dogs that is as intense as my own.

    Looking forward to seeing you online more after the big reveal is made.

    Thanks again for everything you’re doing cause we appreciate it.

    Christine & Madison

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    I also want to give you a great big THANK YOU Lisa for not giving up on the site. I discovered this site when I had my first Golden, Bailey. I’ll always remember the wonderful support I got from people here when she lost her battle with seizures and I had to let her go. Eveyone understood the pain and it was a great comfort to me. I am excited to see the changes your going to make.
    Thank You Lisa 🙂
    Nancy, Shiloh, Spirit and Bailey who watches over us from The Bridge..

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    This website has been great Lisa, even in it’s supposedly “neglected” state, because it’s the great people on it that make it what it is. I found here a huge amount of support and knowledge about the unique challenges and joys of Goldens, and tried to pass some of that on for those who are trying to figure out issues with their Furry Companions. Although I love to learn from a lively debate on pros and cons of this and that,I appreciate the high level of respect that posters have shared unlike a hundred other sites that seem to disintegrate into nasty squabbles.Maybe it’s that Golden personality rubbing off on everyone. Anyhow I think you’ve done a fine job with the website as it is, but if you are pumped to make it better, go for it. Thanks again.

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    I agree the website currently serves me wonderfully. I was looking for others with goldens as I do not have a large network of friends around me in person (and the ones I do have are not dog owners). It is just nice to see others loving their goldens to the extreme and knowing that is expected here. LOL

    Thanks for having created the site in the first place Lisa. And waiting with excitement for the changes.


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    Hi Lisa,

    I want to say thank you for this site as well, I think I have been checking in here for most of Angus’s life, and he will be 9 years old next June. I am sure the new site will be great and fun to visit, and the new features will be wonderful. However, please know how much I have enjoyed this site, and the friendships and information to be gained from it. One of my and Angus’s favourites is the Christmas card exchange, which we have just done of course.
    Thank you Lisa, all your hard work is appreciated.
    Elizabeth and Angus.

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    Thanks Lisa for the wonderful site, “neglected” or not. This is where I turned when we found out our Golden Katie was not going to survive her bone cancer. Reading those memorials were…..well just say a lot of kleenex was needed. This site was so helpful when we got our new girl Chloe (2 years now) and everyone is always so compassionate and helpful. Just like their dogs I guess. Keep up the good work Lisa, we all appreciate it and look forward to the “new look” Happy New Year Everyone!
    Mary and Chloe

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    Hi Lisa
    I also wanted to say thank first for creating this site, I have received invaluable advice off of here and support for many situations over the years – I read this site almost daily. I also want to say thanks for keeping it going, you are doing a great thing – I know the loss of your two babes was devastating for you (I have been there before) but you are honouring thenm by keeping up their home. Take care.

    Terri-Lynn and Jesse

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