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Maya – ( May 19, 1994 – May 8, 2007)

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    Lisa Schuyler

    Two days ago, I buried my kind and gentle Maya. I love her dearly and I will miss her.
    For almost 13 years, she was a loyal constant companion. She went everywhere with me, to work, to play, to travel, to walk. Always enthusiastic, always right there willing to do anything.
    But most of all she loved swimming. She swam in the ocean breaking through waves, she swam in the lake circling around for hours. When we used to drive to the lake, miles before we got there, she would know it, and she would tremble in excitement.
    She loved sticks, the bigger the better. In fact she loved trees. 5′, 10′ it didn’t matter. The bigger they were the prouder she was that she could carry them.
    She was gentle with the biggest heart. She would follow the kids around as they played. She would chase their snowballs and their toboggans She would eye their baseballs and their tennis balls.
    She loved apples. One fall we lived on a farm with apple trees. When they fell to the ground she would eat them until she was stuffed. Thereafter, they were her favorite treat.
    We will be planting an apple tree over her grave in honor of her life.
    Maya, I miss you. I miss you in such a good way. For some reason I do not have a single bad memory of you and I feel honored by that.
    “Maya, you are a really good girl.”
    Love Craig and all your friends


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    Claudette Kinkade

    Maya, what a beautiful tribute from Craig and all your friends. I can tell how much she was loved by all of you. She is a beautiful girl, I love her reddish color. I especially love the part about her eating the apples, what lovely memories you have of her.

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