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Miss Carmel retires

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    Tonight despite the weather, Miss Carmel went and made her 20th and last blood donation. She was great, when asked to get on the scale, went right over and sat down. Let the 2 student Vet techs fuss over her and draw the blood sample and do the quick physical without even flinching. Lied so still, but in the end really didn’t want her picture taken, when Beth tried to take it, looked away and she is such a camera buff, loves having her picture taken. Maybe she realized this was the last time, and didn’t want to say goodbye. Went from not taking cookies from the staff of CABB, first few years of donating to looking for the treats eagerly the past year. I’m glad we made her a dog blood donor, and if we every get another large dog, will make sure they donate as well.

    Also wasn’t sure she would make tonight as she has had a really bad ear infection. Just about cleared up now, and is back to her usual self, but our Vet wants her on drops a few more days to make sure the infection is all cleared up.

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    Congratulations Carmel! 20 blood donations is a real achievement!
    Everyone must be so proud of you!

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    Claudette Kinkade

    Congratulations to our special girl, Miss Carmel. How amazing, 20 donations. I am very proud of you and your Mom.

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    Great job Carmel, you’ve definitely helped many dogs over the years. Kiwi has a lot of catching up to do.

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    Good job Carmel and good on mom for talking you all the time. Hope your ear infection gets better soon.

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    Congrats! What a wonderful achievement. She has no doubt been a hero in many situations.
    Bandit will never even near 20, but I hope to start Tanner this year.

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    Good job Carmel!! What an accomplishment!

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