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Miss Molly May1999-July2011

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    Hopefully this won’t be too long… but I just wanted to post a few pictures, and share a few memories of my beloved Molly through the exciting years of her life(and mine).
    Molly was a promised gift to me, after moving from Ontario to British Columbia at the age of 11, I really had no friends, it was an entirely new province far away from what I knew was “home”. I had been wanting a dog since I could speak, and used the move as “YOU OWE ME…for doing this to me mom and dad”..Anyways, I got my girl, and the rest was history as they say. Molly was brought into my life to definitely teach me how to be a good dog owner. She was a tough puppy, into trouble constantly, testing boundaries, but was a sweet, loving girl at the same time. Finally by the time she was 4-5 her disobedience, and attitude(towards other dogs)got to me. That’s when I went on a great journey into discovering what it was to be REAL dog owner. training, agility, professional showing,therapy dog, you name it – and we both flourished. Molly was by my side over so many crucial “teenage” stages, she was my rock, the one thing that remained constant. She waited for me the year I went away to college, (I became a veterinary technician – because of her), and when my second year started I moved into a place off campus so I could take her with me. When Molly turned 11, we did the unimaginable, we got ANOTHER Golden, we always thought Molly would be a “single” doggie home, it was Molly’s way or the highway with other dogs, but she did soften up a lot in her older age… Otis came along and they were inseparable – best thing we ever decided to do. She taught Otis manners, respect, and Otis taught her almost how to be a dog again…definitely put those extra years on her life.
    In feb of 2011, I was just petting her belly, and found a “bump” up in her groin area, of course being the worry wort had it removed immediately, surgery went well, and we sent it away. Results came back as a Mammary Adenocarcinoma…that has most likely metastisized to her Lymphnode… results were not good. There wasn’t much we could do, keep her comfortable, and happy. She bounced back from surgery like a young healthy thing she’s been her entire life, and we almost forgot about it. Then during one of our many camping trips in the summer she went off her food…that’s not normal for Molly and we had a gut feeling it was not good. We then found out that week that there was Cancer in her lungs..everywhere. Within 10 days of diagnosis she went completely downhill…lost so much weight… so quickly… Otis was usually the annoying brother that would bite her feet, get her going, but instead of their usual playful relationship he just sat by her side, and cleaned her face….constantly. We knew it was time, and with my family surrounding her, we laid her to rest, as she was in my arms. As a technician I deal with euthansia’s on a daily basis…. and I THOUGHT I could handle it, but that moment she left us there was such a emptiness in my heart that I will never forget. As much as an adult I felt I had become, I felt like a little girl who just lost her most cherished companion. Anyways, it feels great to tell her story, her memories, now that it’s been 6 months I definitely smile when I think about her, rather than cry. But…yeah! There’s her story…and I’ll add a few pictures of her over the years….the last one was taken about 2 weeks before we lost her, my good friend is a photographer and when I was married in September of last year he printed large copy of her picture and framed it for us, as a gift, it’s on my wall and I look at it every single day and miss her!

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    Sorry for your loss but so glad you could share her story with us. The stories of how goldens become part of each of your lives are so interesting to me. The last picture is beyond beautiful!

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    Lisa Schuyler

    Awwwww, thanks for sharing her with us. You were both so lucky to have each other.

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    Molly was beautiful. Reading your post brought tears to my eyes. So many of us here know that pain. Thanks for sharing Molly with us.

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    Thank you for sharing Molly’s story and pictures with us. Goldens are very special dogs and although they never seem to be with us long enough they leave us with so many precious memories.

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    What a gorgeous girl. I’m so sorry for your loss. They make such a huge impact on our lives but, they are just not around long enough…

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    Yes, I feel selfish for saying that Molly in her 13 year left way too soon! 🙁 While I was grieving I read a lot of inspirational pet grieving quotes and I found one that completely explained how I feel about why I have dogs, and animals in my life, I’ll share it because I”m a huge sap…lol
    “There is a cycle of love and death that shapes the lives of those who choose to travel in the company of animals. It is a cycle unlike any other. To those you have never lived through it’s turnings or walked it’s rocky path, our willingness to give our hearts with full knowledge that they will be broken seems incomprehensible. Only we know how small a price we pay for what we receive, our grief, no matter how powerful it may be, is an insufficient measure of the joy we have been given”

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    That is a beautiful quote and very fitting

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    Claudette Kinkade

    Just beautiful.

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    Sandra Lebed

    Thank you for sharing your years with Molly. You capture everything so eloquently. You and Molly were so lucky to have each other. The pictures are beautiful and the final one is a fitting tribute of such a regal friend.

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    I only just saw this and wanted to say how touched I was by you sharing this with us. The quote is perfect. I believe that the way we love our pets says a lot about us. I always say we are owned by them and not the other way around because of how much we learn about ourselves by having them in our lives. We learn if we can be patient, we learn if we can rise to many things and nearly always they are far more patient and loving than we find ourselves to be. Your Molly and the days, years you spent with her will always be with you. No one can tell me dogs don’t have a soul. It’s very hard to let go but, you knew when the time had come and did he right thing for her. I was blessed reading this, this morning so thank you for sharing a little bit of Molly with us.

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    Thanks so much Rafree, I’ve been thinking of her so much over the past few weeks, miss her like crazy still! May 1st would’ve been her 14th birthday! When we were on vacation last week, at the Ocean, swimming like crazy I could just picture her there, paddling around. She was such a strong swimmer, even when she was so old! I can still see her in all her little spots in the house, and my husband and I sometime laugh and reminisce about her little funny quirks. She was such a lovely dog, such a joy to our lives…..anyways! Thanks for all the kind words.

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    I read your story with such a heavy heart as we lost our Charlie this summer and I felt like I was walking in your shoes. The feeling of emptiness is overwhelming. Molly was such a beautiful girl and so loved. Your photos are stunning.

    Your photos of her are filled with such love. I would like to believe our precious ones are with us always – especially in our hearts. Take warmth in knowing how much we care. Saying good-bye is the toughest I ever had to do. I had a portrait of my husband Dave and Charlie done and just a week after Charlie passed we received the portrait. (I’ll try to get a copy posted to my page.) Thank you for sharing your story.
    Bobbi Mackellar

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    Sad story with a beautiful ending.

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