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Nelson lump removal

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    This morning Nelson had a little bump removed from his right foot. I’d say it was a bit smaller than a little marble. Since he had a mass cell tumor in the past I’m vigilant about getting the little bumps and lumps checked. I have a feeling it might be a mass cell again but I hope not. He had a shot of Benadryl before the lump was removed and is on Benadryl for a couple days now. Please cross fingers and paws that it comes back as nothing.

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    We have everything crossed for Nelson. Hoping it’s not mass cell and that he heals up quickly. Please keep us posted and give him some extra hugs from us!!

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    Keeping our paws crossed that it is nothing serious.

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    All fingers and paws crossed here for Nelson. Give your little patient a big hug for me. Keep us posted!

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    All our fingers paws and whatever else we can cross for Nelson. Hope all is well.

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    Fingers toes and paws crossed for Nelson and yourself.

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    Claudette Kinkade

    Sue – Praying that Nelson’s little bump will be nothing to worry about. We all know how we moms worry about our furkids. Hugs to you too.

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    Claudette Kinkade

    Sue – do you have the results back on the little bump that was removed from Nelson’s foot. Waiting to hear all our prayers have helped and that everything is okay. I know it takes too long to get the results – and we worry all that time. Give Nelson and Boober a big hug from me.

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