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New additions to our "pack"

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    My son and daughter-in-law became parents on Monday to beautiful twin girls…Emma and Laura. This is our first set of human grandchildren.

    The emotions around here have gone from worry (when we found out she was going for her C-section earlier than planned) to anticipation, to joy that they are small but healthy. Her due date was May 8th, but was scheduled for a C-Section on April 15th.

    Carmel and Cheyanne really picked on the emotions going on around her on Monday, and were very needy, but have since settled down.
    Since my son and daughter-in-law live in Germany, not sure when or if the dogs will ever met them. I’m headed to Hamburg on June 7 and returning on the 21st. Going to be a long two months. The pictures where taken approximately at 24 hours old.

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    Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa!!!!!! Glad to hear they are healthy – they look absolutely perfect! Welcome to the world Emma and Laura. Yeah that will seem like a long time before you get in some cuddles with them…

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    Congratulations!! What sweet little bundles of joy they are. Such an exciting time for your family. I’m sure June can’t come quick enough for you. That is going to be a very special visit with your new Grandbabies.

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    Congratulations on the grand babies, they look perfect for being born early. I am sure you would like to go to sleep and wake up and it be June already. Enjoy your time with them and spoil them lots.

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    Claudette Kinkade

    Congratulations! Emma and Laura are beautiful. Nothing more special than grandchildren, just wait until the first time you hold Emma and Laura in your arms, you will be thrilled. June will be here soon.

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    look like 2 peas in a pod!

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    I missed this! Congrats! And they are adorable, you will have fun for sure!

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    Any more pictures of those new babies Pat? Don’t be afraid to share, you’re a proud new Grandma 🙂

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    Thanks for sharing those pictures Pat. What beautiful little babies they are and I can tell Mom & Dad are very proud new parents. I bet you’re counting the sleeps until you get to go there and meet them in person and hold them in your arms.

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    Thanks for the pictures Pat – they are sure getting bigger and stronger quickly!! You can sure see a difference from day zero to the last ones! So glad they are doing well.

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    Son has been using drop box to share pictures…so I’ll send you and anyone else the link in a private message..Lynn as well. If anyone else would like, just ask me. I’m just not comfortable sharing it on this site publicly. They came home from the hospital on Friday, haven’t heard how they are doing as going to Skype with them later today. I know that they had been thriving while in hospital. But still very tiny. If I ever figure out how to repost individual pictures from dropbox, then I will share some.

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