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    Karen Curry

    Hapy New Year, It has been a long time since I have been on this forum. When I was a new golden owner 14 years ago this site was my go to for information and sharing. Today would have been Pipers 14 birthday. We lost him January 11 2016k, it is a sad day to not have him here to celebrate old age. He was a great golden dog and was spry right until the end.

    In two weeks our family are picking up our new golden puppy. I am so looking forward to having a dog in the house again but it has been so long since puppy time I am a bit nervous. We know have 2 kiddos 7 and 9 who are looking forward to having a dog again.

    We have all the dog stuff ( crate, leashes, fenced area for play, bowls ). Not sure yet type of food to feed yet. With Piper we did a high quality kibble and added vitamins/fish oils/ fresh veggies/ eggs. If anyone has some tips to get me back into puppy mode or good sites you recommend to reboot my doggie knowledge again or stories to share I would appreciate it.


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    Lisa Schuyler

    Hi Karen!

    Really excited for you! And sorry to hear about Piper!

    I lost Monty almost a year ago now too, and was determined that was the last dog ever for me. Losing Winger, Surf, and Monty was way too hard. A year later, the idea of a puppy is creeping into my mind more and more often.

    Don’t have too much advice offer! This site isn’t too active anymore, with so many other social media options available. I’ve toyed with shutting it down for years, but keep it up in case it is useful for anymore.


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      Karen Curry

      Thanks Lisa

      I see that is it is not that active. It was my first choice as this site was a life saver 14 years when we first had Piper. I learned lots over the years from you and others. I have a few die hard dog friends so have reached out to them as well.

      All the best

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    Congratulations on your up coming new addition. I check in weekly to see if anything new, but rarely post anything…sorry Lisa but the forum seems to have been taken over with this Allan Bain stuff which drives me crazy..Karen hopefully you will share some photos when you get them.
    Sorry to hear about Monty’s loss Lisa..I know how hard it is to lose a part of your family.

    No new puppies for us for a while, Carmel is 11 and Cheyanne just turned 10, we are thinking more along the lines of rescues in the future.especially seniors.

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    Anyone getting a puppy?
    Please avoid supporting the backyard dog
    hoarding that exists with golden retrievers
    In Ontario. Such examples show year round what these
    Poor creatures go through.
    It does affect the situation,Bellow is footage
    I fillmed personality, at Ontario
    Allen Bains bacyard, and behind the “breading facility”

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    Here is more images sharing why you should
    Not support Allen Bains
    Outback hidden breading facility.
    If it’s a professional the get away with it.

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