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New little symbol next to user name?

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    Notice today the little symbol next to the user name. It turns to a green circle when you’re online like it always did just wondering if there’s any significance to they symbol that shows when you’re not online? Just being curious 🙂

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    weird…they’re gone today so I guess my question is no longer valid 🙂

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    Claudette Kinkade

    I kept looking for the green circle, not I know why I could not see it. It’s a mystery, but I bet when Lisa sees this she will explain it.

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    Lisa Schuyler

    Well there is a little circle symbol beside your username on a post. It is green when you are online (providing you don’t make your online status invisible in your profile settings) and it is a gray circle when you are offline. No changes have been made recently. Does this help?

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