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    Question for all of you have gone through this already. Carmel will be 10 at the end of October. Lately have noticed her to be a little more clumsy. For example yesterday she was running along side me to the backyard and whacked her head on my hand. She kept going but my hand stung,didn’t seem to bother her. Then this morning she whacked her lower jaw on the metal arm of the patio chair. Her eyes still look clear and before she had surgery she had a mini check up and the vet thought they were still ok.
    So maybe a normal part of ageing.She was a clumsy puppy. But that seemed to disappear as she got older. Anything else I should be watching for now that she is getting older. I know sleeping more and loss of interest are all signs. She still can run when she wants to, especially when the young dog is outside behind us.

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    Nelson is going to be 10 in December. Where did the time go. I think the only thing that I’d be watching for are lumps and not eating. If Nelson ever not ate a meal I would know something was seriously wrong. He’s always been a bit clumsy so I haven’t noticed any changes there. He’s still full of whim and vigar and ready to go at the drop of a hat.

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