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    Watched alot of Olympics over the weekend. I’m off today so watched Charles Hamelin win gold and Alex Bilodeau and Mikael Kingsbury take gold/silver in the moguls. Not sure how I’m going to stay caught up with work interfering during the weekdays ;).

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    We have been watching all the Olympics too, we were tuned into the curling as team Jacobs is from our home city. I was even late for work one day because I just had to see the end. Oh we’ll I still have a job so it wasn’t too bad.

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    Yes it was very nice to see that both men and women won gold and we also were up to watch the hockey because we are really a hockey family. My daughter bowled when she was younger for about 10 years and brad Jacobs was on her team for a few years.

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    Sorry I’m late with the reply but we were busy with Olympics too. We didn’t realize how good we had it when they were in Vancouver. Dealing with the time difference was awful!! I agree with you Christine, work really interfered with keeping up!!!!

    Laurie, that’s cool that your daughter bowled with Brad. I was never really into curling until I met Craig – he skipped a team at the junior provincial level (years and years ago when he was young!!!!!), now we watch it whenever it’s on. I still don’t understand how they make the different turns and judge the ice but it is interesting to watch…

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    I thought of you when I heard Team Jacobs was from Sault Ste Marie. Team Jones is from Winnipeg and they are renaming a street by their curling rink after them. Curling is a sport I don’t watch but it was neat that both the men and women won.

    We were up early Sunday morning to watch the gold medal hockey game.

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